We are active in the government market, providing solutions which optimize the satellite link. Users can get the very most out of the bandwidth available to them; guaranteeing the highest availability of communication link even during heavy rain fade.

Newtec’s Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solutions are able to boost operational efficiency allowing access to more data at a lower cost. 

Intelligence Gathering (COMINT/SIGINT)

Includes best-of-trade DVB receivers to capture information within a satellite footprint.

Border Security

CCTV feeds along the border are transmitted towards the central control centre. Gives remote border control gates instant access to internet.

Civil, Government and NGO Networks

Satellite based network to provide internet access and reliable and secure interface.

Disaster Recovery & Emergency Communications

From first aid to restoration services, critical information needs to be sent towards the outside world in order to support quick emergency response.

Government and Defense Fixed Communications

Newtec has a track record of fixed communication installations over satellite, linking remote bases around the world.

Manned Aircrafts, ISR, Border Patrol, UAV

Transmits high volume of surveillance data from an airborne platform to the command and control.

Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR)

Applies the best efficiency technologies to counter increasing voice, data and video demands.

National Election Networks

Reliable VSAT network linking polling stations with the central coordination centre to exchange election results and transmit video surveillance feeds