Why Satellite Remains Vital in Today's Increasingly Connected World

8 March 2018 10:00 - 11:30

Pragati Maidan Exhibition Centre (Hall A: Telecom)

Why Satellite Remains Vital in Today's Increasingly Connected World

Event: Convergence India 2018, March 7 - 9, New Delhi, India

Type: Speaking Slot with Panel Discussion

Speaker: Steve Mills, Global VP Sales, Newtec

Topic: "Why Satellite Remains Vital in Today's Increasingly Connected World"

Session: Wireless Communication in 2020. Is mobile destined to be the King?

Different markets present a wide array of communication means. Varying landscapes, population density and capacity needs drive the need for different infrastructures. Even today, needs tend to be diverse, although the advent of fiber has provided greater access to previously cut-off areas. But fiber is not always the answer. It can suffer from reliability issues and it is expensive. Consequently, it is unlikely we will see it in remote and distant regions any time soon. Meanwhile, the progress made with other technologies opens up opportunities too. Satellite is a key example, offering cost-effectiveness, rapid deployment time and vast coverage area. Attendees will hear why satellite is needed across the globe and learn more about the various technologies which are enabling faster speeds and more data over satellite, be it for cellular backhaul over satellite or broadband connectivity for banking applications or connecting enterprises and communities.


Steve Mills
Steve Mills

Global VP Sales

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