OEM Boards

Reliable and high-end OEM-boards
Developed with high care by a team of experienced engineers, manufactured on our own high quality production line and heavily tested, Newtec OEM boards are reliable high-end products specifically designed to satisfy demanding Satcom manufacturer requirements.

NTC/7044.BB OEM Satellite Demodulator Board

The NTC/7044 board is a state-of–the-art, high-end professional DVB-S2 demodulator board able to process data rates up to 155 Mbit/s and operate in 16APSK and 32APSK high-order modulation schemes.

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NTC/7072.AB OEM Satellite Demodulator Board

Available to third party manufacturers under OEM agreement, the demodulator boards are the ideal costeffective solution for the demodulation of DVB-S/S2 carriers in IRDs, IP receivers, and Mobile or Digital Terrestrial TV transceivers.

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