Over the first ten years, Newtec was only involved in research and development on behalf of the European Space Agency. Today, Newtec still enjoys an excellent relationship with the ESA and the Federal Science Policy Department (BELSPO).

Our ambitious R&D reinvestment policy has led to Newtec being regarded as a front-runner in a range of innovative, satellite communication technologies that are now considered to be industry standards (such as DVB, DVB-S2, DVB RCS, iSatTV and CPM).

Short overview of Newtec's achievements and milestones over the past 5 years

  • Introducing Clean Channel Technology®
  • Vision Award Most Innovative Product for MDM6000
  • Introducing S2-Extensions, successor to the DVB-S2 standard
  • WTA Teleport Award: Technology Award of the Year for M6100
  • Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Approval of the new DVB-S2X standard, initiative driven by Newtec
  • Introduction Newtec Dialog® multiservice platform with Mx-DMA® HRCTM
  • Newtec’s satellite Multiservice Broadcast solution for EBU's Eurovision network
  • Celebration of 30 Years of Connection People
  • Award Factory of the Future
  • TA Award for Mx-DMA
  • Dirk Breynaert, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Newtec, in Hall of Fame
  • Entering the mobility market (incl. aviation & maritime)
  • Mx-DMA wins Ground Segment Technology Award at VSAT Global
  • MCX7000 wins CSI Award
  • Aviation partnership with Panasonic (aero modem)
  • European Customer Services Award
  • GTB Awards for Enterprise Service Innovation
  • Factory of the Future award (2nd time)
  • MSUA award at SATELLITE