Newtec Integrated Management System

To ensure consistency and sustained delivery of our products and services Newtec implemented an Integrated Management System or “NIMS”. Quality, Information Security and Environment Management migrated in one system with each function aligned behind a single goal: improving the performance of the entire organization! A coordinated effort which is greater than the sum of its parts and is not only more efficient but more effective. An integrated approach means less duplication, monitoring associated risks and hazards, reducing inefficiencies and maximizing resources to increase performance and customer satisfaction!

This NIMS manual describes the integrated management of Newtec quality, environmental and information security activities in line with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and IEC/ISO 27001:2013 standards.

The NIMS is built upon a process structure and a set of legislative requirements. The system supports the vision of the Newtec Management Board, which is based on the following key objectives:

  • To provide a secure, healthy and productive working environment for all its employees;
  • To consistently deliver high end products and services, that meet our customer’s expectations;
  • To secure all confidential information and operations;
  • To enhance customer satisfaction in a culture of continuous improvement;
  • To assure conformity to customer and applicable legal requirements.

A vision that is also embedded in the company's core values:

  • Passion:
    We have a passion for creating technology leading products and solutions that solve our customer’s problems. We have a passion for satisfying our customers and building a better company.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit:
    We are the driving force for making our industry evolve and break new ground. We have a hands-on approach and we continuously try to improve the way we work. We take personal initiative and we are willing to act and take risks. We do all this using our common sense.
  • Openness:
    We believe that honesty and sharing information is key for the growth of all employees and for the growth of Newtec. Information should not be managed as personal property, but rather as a common resource that enhances the value of our company. We are open towards our colleagues.
  • Personal Growth:
    Newtec strives to create a challenging environment, including opportunities to develop new skills and to maintain technological advances. We are committed to personal excellence and self-improvement. We believe that asking and giving feedback to and from each other will enable us to continuously improve the way we work.
  • Reliable:
    We trust and respect our colleagues. We aim at keeping our promises internally and externally. Above all we do what we say we will do. What benefits Newtec, benefits me (good for Newtec = good for me).
  • Customer centric:
    Newtec cannot afford to develop things customers don’t want to pay for. To accomplish our mission, we must remain focused on developing products and solutions that are on the leading technological edge while making sure they fulfill customer needs. We must make sure to complete our technological developments on schedule. We place a high value on customer satisfaction and focus on quality.

The NIMS manual provides the documented information and references related to Newtec's policies, processes and procedures. It is used internally to guide the company’s employees through the requirements of the used Quality, Environmental, and Information Security Standards. It provides the necessary instructions to create an empowered work force.

The manual is yearly evaluated and reviewed by the Management Board to ensure its alignment with Newtec’s Management vision and direction and to ensure that all applicable requirements are fulfilled.

It should be treated in a confidential manner, but can only be distributed externally on explicit request to introduce Newtec’s NIMS to our customers and other external organizations or interested parties.

The NIMS manual includes the governing structure of:

In addition to the NIMS manual Newtec also established:

  • a Code of Business Conduct & Ethics that denotes our commitments and expectations towards interested parties in accordance with the UN sustainable development goals and guidance for our employees and everyone who works on our behalf.
  • a Supplier Code of Conduct that formalizes the key principles under which suppliers of Newtec cy are required to operate.

Newtec is proud to be an ISO certified company: