Distribution to DTT Transmission Towers

Deploying a digital terrestrial TV network

Satellite links have the advantage not to depend on any telecom infrastructure on the ground and certainly are the fast-track option to deploy a digital terrestrial TV network over entire countries.

With the right technology and equipment, satellite ensures a very economical way to perform the primary distribution of TV content. The operational costs do not increase with the number of towers and repeaters in the network, and last but not least, satellite also provides very efficient methods to synchronize and manage towers remotely.

Newtec's Multistream technology

Newtec is the first in the market to fully implement Multistream technology into its product range, and has a proven track record through multiple deployments worldwide. Multistream, a concept introduced by the DVB-S2 standard, allows broadcasters to aggregate (combine) a number of ASI transport streams and/or IP streams into one satellite carrier. Unlike a traditional DVB multiplexer, this new technology does not modify the original transport streams, maintaining the integrity of the original content. This makes Newtec’s Multistream implementation particularly suited for Mobile and Terrestrial TV networks in Single Frequency Network (SFN) mode. The system provides broadcasters with a fully transparent and efficient way to carry the content over satellite towards the transmitter towers.


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