Satellite News Gathering

Field Proven Reliability & Performance

Years of field operations have demonstrated the reliability and longevity of Newtec products in a SNG environment. Under the stringent constraints of a news story and live sports event, the transmission equipment just has to work, no excuses.

New interactive services to boost productivity

We offer light, robust and flexible products that allow integrators to build high performance DSNG trucks and flyaways. We also offer unique solutions to enable interactivity and integrate a full range of additional services for the journalists on the road.
Our modulation products are based on the DVB-DSNG standard (which use a modulation technology invented by Newtec) and the DVB-S2 standard. Their very high bandwidth efficiency enables mobile TV contribution even in High Definition. Our DSNG products are IP enabled, allowing both real time transmission, media file transfers and interactive services.


Reference Case: VTM - Tour de France


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