Why does the Internet of Things (IoT) need satellite?

Satellite plays a major role in supporting the growing IoT/M2M needs, serving the vast number of connected devices in remote and difficult to reach areas. For many years, satellite has played a vital part in SCADA and M2M connectivity for oil and gas pipelines, SmartGrids, environmental monitoring and more. As the number of connected devices continues to grow significantly, bringing operators the benefits of increased operational efficiencies, satellite will remain an essential tool for providing connectivity to remote locations.

Cost-effective high throughput M2M connectivity with ubiquitous coverage

The uniqueness of satellites brings immediate and cost-effective connectivity to any location within the satellite footprint. Additionally, satellite VSAT can deliver IoT/SCADA connectivity, enabling secure, low data rate machine-to-machine communications while also delivering broadband connectivity, such as real-time, high-quality video backhaul or remote software upgrades.

How does Newtec help address the key challenges of IoT/M2M?

Secure and reliable connectivity, anywhere and anytime

Newtec Dialog®-based satellite services provide reliable connectivity with an unprecedented level of security anywhere in the satellite footprint. Satellite connectivity has the advantage of being fully independent from terrestrial networks: the remote site is directly connected to the teleport/datacenter and doesn’t pass over any local terrestrial infrastructure. Additionally, the satellite data is protected with AES encryption applied by the Newtec Dialog platform.

Fast roll-out, cost-effective services

Our cost-effective satellite terminals, which can be installed quickly and risk free by any technician without requiring special tools or training, enable low CAPEX/OPEX connectivity. The Newtec Dialog platform has been built for scalability and has the necessary features to roll-out large networks across thousands of sites in a fast and reliable way.

High throughput and guaranteed Quality of Service, supporting video, voice and broadband

Satellite services using Newtec Dialog benefit from sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) management and scalability in connection speeds which extend the IoT-SCADA connectivity beyond the typical best effort low data rate. Throughputs per-site can instantly increase from kbps to 10+Mbps, providing satellite connectivity for backhaul of high quality video (site incident management), VoIP and broadband access for technicians working on site and for software upgrades of the on-site equipment.

Our Newtec Dialog technology empowers you to address current and future IoT-SCADA requirements



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