5G is set to radically transform our lives. Providing not only increased throughput and capacity, 5G will also enable newer types of applications and services in the domains of health, transport, entertainment, machine-to-machine communications, and security, to name just a few.

At the same time, the satellite offering is expanding will multiple constellations in GEO/MEO/LEO orbits, for diverse applications and services. Satellite solutions are evolving with more innovation, more flexibility and scalability leveraging Virtualization, Orchestration and Slicing. The connectivity map is widening, and satellite is more than ever an essential component in the overall 5G connectivity map.

Newtec is at the forefront of the convergence of 5G and satellite. Its demonstrated leadership in ultra-high-performance satellite systems and industry-leading bandwidth efficiency technology is further reinforced via multiple initiatives in the 5G space: innovation in the ground segment,  Participation in the industry research and standards, collaboration and partnership with key players in the ecosystem for the strategic Mobile Backhaul & Trunking, Broadcast, Consumer & Enterprise, Mobility, Offshore and Maritime market verticals.


We are driving the 5G and satellite for each of our key market verticals.