We offer solutions for traditional and converged broadcast infrastructures (ASI) and IP-based workflows and are active in a whole range of satellite broadcast transmission applications from contribution to exchange and distribution.

Our products meet the high operational requirements for professional reliability and service availability.

Direct-to-Home Broadcasting

We continuously expand our technology reach to improve DTH services.

Distribution to DTT Transmission Towers

Delivery of TV content from one central play-out center to all towers and repeaters in the network

Distribution to Local Head-Ends

With Newtec technology and equipment, satellite is a very economical way to perform the primary distribution of TV content.

Fixed Contribution

Contribution feeds of live sports and events productions

Multiservice Broadcast Networks

Uniquely address the needs and challenges of the ‘broadcast transmission’ market.

Satellite News Gathering

Our DSNG products are IP enabled, allowing both real time transmission, media file transfers and interactive services.