Enterprise Connectivity

Monday 11 August 2014
Enterprise Connectivity

Application note

IP Services for Business, Governmental & Non-Governmental Organizations

The success of today’s organisations and enterprises highly depends on reliable and secure connectivity. Enterprise connectivity exists between different branches, between a central office and geographically widespread points of activity and between an enterprise and the public internet. The connectivity enables faster, more secure transactions and improved productivity by sharing information between entities, no matter where they are.

By offering an extremely cost effective terminal as part of a scalable network solution, attractive IP services can be deployed complementary to terrestrial infrastructure:

  • as a backup service for the terrestrial network providing business continuity
  • as the main connectivity service in case no adequate terrestrial infrastructure is available providing a way to extend the operation to any location
  • as a highly efficient multicasting data/video service for mediarich collaboration services, video conferencing, and financial trading applications

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