New Application Note: Advanced (IP) Newsgathering

Tuesday 11 July 2017
New Application Note: Advanced (IP) Newsgathering

Application note

As broadcasts of news events are often unplanned and happen at remote locations, it is not always immediately clear which type of cost-effective IP connectivity will be reliably available for the duration of the coverage. To aggregate enough IP bandwidth to handle all of applications that the news crew requires concurrently, all available IP networks need to be bonded, whether they are 3G/4G, microwave, Wi-Fi, fiber, or Ka- or Kuband satellite. When terrestrial bandwidth becomes contended, the satellite link needs to dynamically scale to higher bandwidths.

This new application note discusses how next-generation IP satellite links boost connectivity for newsgathering crews, providing high availability and throughput while remaining flexible, cost-effective and addressing Quality of Service (QoS) challenges.

Key topics:

  • Newsgathering Today
  • Traditional Newsgathering
  • Modern Mobile Newsgathering
  • When Would Newsgathering Crews Rely on an IP Satellite Connection?
  • Satellite Transmission Challenges and Overcoming them
  • Operational Considerations

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