Satellite Broadcast Primary Distribution to Headends

Monday 18 August 2014
Satellite Broadcast Primary Distribution to Headends

Application note

Billions of people are watching precious TV content and advertising on a daily basis. Different distribution networks transport the content from the content owner to the consumer.

The consumer has the choice to receive a full set of TV channels from many service providers, be it telco, cable, terrestrial or DTH operators. Those service providers aggregate all information required to offer a full media experience to the consumer. This not only includes linear TV channels, but also increasingly important non-linear content, applications and meta-data creating a better user experience.

One important step in the content distribution network, is the primary distribution of TV channels from the content provider’s video headend and uplink (programmer video headend), to the headends of each of the service providers.

In many cases, TV channels are distributed to 100s or 1,000s of headends. Naturally, satellite is the preferred mediumused for primary distribution. Dispersed over vast geographical areas, these headends retransmit the received TV channels to many millions of consumers paying to watch the content. Therefore, any service loss in the primary distribution network instantly impacts millions of consumers, resulting in consumer churn and instant loss of advertisement revenues for service providers and content producers.

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