Satellite Newsgathering and Fixed Broadcast Contribution and Exchange

Wednesday 20 August 2014
Satellite Newsgathering and Fixed Broadcast Contribution and Exchange

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Fixed and Mobile Broadcast Contribution Challenges

Today, broadcasters are faced with many challenges in operating their business. From mobile FNG to fixed, high quality HD content exchanges, new broadcast transmission formats and delivery methods evolve continuously. The adoption of new standards, aimed at a better user experience, drive broadcasters to prepare their infrastructure for the next evolution: Higher quality video channels (e.g. the introduction of new codec standards including HEVC and high resolution formats such as 4K Ultra HD), a continuous increase of the amount of available content, and of course the lean-forward consumption of content on different devices with varying resolutions.

Broadcasters are urged to get premium content and advertisements onair faster than ever before. The increasing consumption of content on any device, at any time, at any place, forces broadcasters to exchange content in various, sometimes multiple, formats across different transmission channels (OTT, IPTV, high quality HD, low quality mobile) across the globe and in many different time zones.

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