UAV, UAS & Manned Aircraft

Thursday 31 July 2014
UAV, UAS & Manned Aircraft

Application note

Satcom Relay for Manned and Unmanned Airborne Platforms

Unmanned aerial vehicles and manned aircrafts are increasingly being used as vehicles to capture intelligence data for defense, state and civil applications. The aerial vehicles are equipped with technology to collect both video and sensor data which are communicated to a mission control center for further processing. When outside the reach of direct data relays due to distance or environment (e.g. mountainous regions) satellite communications will be used for Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLoS) communication. Key in the satellite link for BLoS is to get as much sensor data and video as possible through the available bandwidth. Only with the highest possible efficiency increasing data and traffic demands can be attained whilst still taking OPEX costs into consideration. During operations the satellite link needs to be available at all time to assure mission critical communications and not endanger ground operations.

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