1000 Successfully Trained

Monday 23 October 2017
1000 Successfully Trained
Congratulations to our winner, Mr. Usep Suryana from Metrasat, Indonesia!


Newtec celebrates its 1,000th registered trainee on its Learning Management System!

In many countries all over the world, September is ‘back-to-school’ month. At the Newtec Training Center, we also had a busy month and saw high activity around customer training and certification events.

At the start of 2016, Newtec introduced an online Learning Management System (LMS) to further streamline the organization of our training and certification events. Along with benefits such as visibility of our training portfolio and the capability to offer online training, another major benefit is the automated certification and re-certification flow for Newtec certified engineers.

Less than two years later, we are happy to announce that the 1,000th trainee has extended his personal knowledge and professional expertise on Newtec Dialog through an extensive five-day ‘Newtec Certified Operations Professional’ (NCOP) certification program. To celebrate this success, we gave away a Newtec-branded Bluetooth speaker and some Belgian chocolates to our 1,000th registered trainee!

Congratulations to our winner, Mr. Usep Suryana from Metrasat, Indonesia!


The Newtec certification programs allow customers and partners to support their end customers in a more effective way by acquiring the right skills and expertise. The value of Newtec certification has definitely been recognized by the industry. More and more engineers are getting certified and are willing to prove their technical, operational and solution design skills on Newtec technologies and products.

We have reached an important milestone and achieved a new momentum in being recognized as a valuable Training Center, however, our work is not over yet. With the introduction of LMS, the learning capabilities are expanding. More online training material is being added, allowing customers to consider flexible distance learning.

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