A Tale of 3 Return Technologies in 3 Parts

Monday 12 May 2014
A Tale of 3 Return Technologies in 3 Parts


By Koen Willems, Market Director at Newtec. 

After the launch of the Newtec Dialog® platform a couple of months ago, we received quite a lot of questions on the technologies inside the platform and their performance. The most recurring question by far was on the Newtec Mx-DMA™ technology:

  • How does Mx-DMA work?
  • How does it compare to other return technologies such as MF-TDMA and SCPC? 

With the help of 3 blog posts, we will answer those questions focusing on the efficiency gains achieved in the Newtec Dialog platform through the different available satellite return technologies (SCPC, MF‑TDMA and Newtec patented Mx‑DMA). These gains will be demonstrated through different representative use cases.

For more background information on the Newtec Dialog platform and some technical explanation on the Mx-DMA technology we would like to refer you to the:

"A Tale of 3 Return Technologies" will be published in the following three parts covering  these dedicated subjects:

  1. Matching Satcom Return Technologies and Applications on Newtec Dialog [PART 1] [Published]
  2. How Much Bandwidth Can Newtec Make You Save? Use Case Mx-DMA versus SCPC [PART 2] [Published] 
  3. Use Case Shared Services in Ku-band, Mx-DMA versus MF-TDMA [PART 3] [Published].


Enjoy reading, let me know what you think about it,
warm regards,


Koen Willems

Market Director at Newtec.