Canal+ demonstrates Direct-To-Home UHDTV with Newtec in Spain

Monday 12 August 2013
Canal+ demonstrates Direct-To-Home UHDTV with Newtec in Spain
Journalist watching a UHDTV video transmitted over satellite, received using a normal DTH 60 cm satellite dish. (image :


By Fernando Andreu, Regional Sales Director @ Newtec

One of the first successful European demonstrations of a UHDTV transmission over satellite took place June 13, 2013, organised by Canal+, Spain.
Cinema quality

A commercial lasting 5 minutes was broadcast to the audience and the image quality was incredible. The high resolution enabled viewers to be further from the screen, a similar effect as to when you go to the cinema to watch a movie. The commercial was captured using 8K HDTV cameras and then produced using a 4K format and finally encoded in H.264 4:2:0-format at 42 Mbps.

Altum HD encoders encoded the video into a transport stream of 42 Mbps, which was then modulator by a Newtec M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator. Using a 13 meter dish at the Telefonica teleport,  located in Guadelajara, which is about 40km from Madrid, the signal was then transmitted using the SES Astra 19°E satellite.

On the receive side, a normal 60 cm DTH dish was used. The project team did not have access to a UHDTV set-top-box, so a Newtec demodulator was used.

Finally, Sony decoded the video using a PC running VLC, linked to a Sony UHDTV-TV-set.

Further testing planned

The demonstration was able to become a success due to the contributions and joint efforts from different companies: Canal+, SES Broadband, Telefonica, Ovide, Promovisa, Sapec, Sony, Trigital and of course, Newtec. We were able to achieve the demonstration using existing Newtec equipment but we do have further testing planned including full S2 Extensions.

Major sport events set for UHDTV

UHDTV does not yet have commercial content available for viewers but there are plans for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro to be available to viewers in UHDTV.

These live sport events can take advantage of some of the features of the new UHDTV technologies. The biggest improvement in coverage for sporting fans will be the possibility of recording the whole playing field so all of the action can be witnessed, giving the viewer a sense of actually being at the event themselves. This can be done by using software which can place two UHDTV camera recordings together to be able to show the whole playing field. The advantages of this are also that replays can be readily available as the blind spots will be eliminated.

There is some criticism that UHDTV will not kick off with success, in the way that 3DTV didn’t either, but others say that it is a normal evolution of HDTV. With the wide range of possibilities it can bring, it is sure to attract attention from any fan of high definition television, and attract new fans alike.

Newtec is pleased to be right at the centre of making it possible.

Best regards,

Regional Sales Director @ Newtec


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