Channel Bonding for Contribution

Wednesday 3 October 2018
Channel Bonding for Contribution


Today, sports and events contributions are being transmitted in very high quality, switching from High Density (HD) to Ultra High Density (UHD). Ultra-High Density asks for more bandwidth, which is not always available over the fragmented capacity that satellite provides. Fragments of the frequency spectrum are available but none big enough to fit in the full contribution. The solution is to split up the full video contribution over multiple fragmented space segments. This means that equipment capable of transmitting multiple carriers, and synchronizing these carriers at the same time, is needed. This can be achieved through Channel Bonding according to the DVB-S2X standard. Channel Bonding uses multiple frequency slots for a single contribution.

DEMO at IBC 2018

Newtec has demonstrated Channel Bonding, showcasing its benefits for UHD Occasional Use (OU) contributions. This kind of contribution can take more bandwidth than available in dedicated 6 or 9 MHz satellite frequency slots. The input Transport Stream (TS), containing the UHD video, is split over three carriers and recombined in the IRD receiver. The MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway is the ideal platform for Channel Bonding uplinking and its compatibility is shown with the Broadcom DVB-S2X Channel Bonding receiver chipset. The result: Effective use of the space segment is significantly increased.