CommunicAsia: The Wrap-Up

Monday 1 July 2019
CommunicAsia: The Wrap-Up


CommunicAsia has once again drawn to a close. It was a successful show in a region that continues to flourish and grow and where the requirement for satellite-based systems and services is increasing. Asia is a fragmented continent, with countries at varying stages of development. It is home to countries that are very advanced, yet also to ones that lack basic connectivity and are underdeveloped. Satellite plays an integral role in providing everything from DTH TV services to broadband Internet delivery to the most remote areas in Asia.

Key to the success of industry and individuals is access to digital connectivity so that businesses, organizations and residential customers can gain access to vital services, even in hard-to-reach rural areas – and satellite provides the go-to solution. However, this demand for a wide range of different services can lead to complex infrastructures and high OPEX.

At CommunicAsia, Newtec highlighted how this can be achieved using its innovative range of technology.

The broadcast industry across Asia remains strong, with demand for regional content an important part of the mix. The advent of UHD has prompted a rise in consumer expectations as increasing amounts of people invest in 4K TV sets. This is coupled with the trend for OTT viewing on multiple screens, and the need to extend the reach of broadcasters to remote regions of the continent. Newtec supports both traditional and converged infrastructures and IP-based workflows, delivering high availability and efficiencies of up to 51 percent.

The government and defense communities are big users of satellite connectivity and they operate in some of the remote and harsh areas of the world. Government connectivity is also essential in the event of natural disasters, where terrestrial connectivity is rendered unavailable. Newtec supports a range of different applications and network configurations in the civil government and defense marketplace with reliable, cost-effective and bandwidth-efficient solutions that meet the specific needs of every mission.


Asia has seen a significant rise in the adoption of the smartphone, allowing voice and data connectivity anywhere and this is spurring on demand for 4G networks for high volume data traffic and emergency services. Newtec’s solutions for cellular backhaul utilize advanced, dynamic technologies for low-cost operation, including bandwidth allocation like Newtec’s dynamic Mx-DMA® to ensure Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS).

Newtec also provides consumer and enterprise VSAT solutions that provide multiservice applications such as SCADA, datacasting and IP trunking. Mobility, offshore and maritime applications are also catered for as the requirement to be connected no matter where we are, grows with mobile device ownership.

Our Team was very busy during the event, participating on several panels throughout the week and there were a couple of key themes that recurred throughout the week – 5G and the evolution of orbits towards Non-Geo Synchronous orbits such as LEO and MEO.

Jo De Loor, our VP Market Development, presented at the General Dynamics Satcom Day on ‘Space 2.0 Evolving Orbits and Antennas, Addressing the 5G Transformation’ and then again on the CommunicAsia Summit panel, ‘The Future of Satellite Players - Is 5G Going to Accelerate Digital Transformation?’

Newtec is very engaged in the development of the delivery of 5G services over satellite because we know that satellite is going to play a critical role. Read more on Newtec’s focus on 5G in these articles:

Newtec CEO, Thomas Van den Driessche, also gave his insight on a fascinating CEO panel discussion at the AVIA Satellite Innovation Forum, held the day before CommunicAsia. He featured on the panel, ‘CEO Viewpoints: The Way Ahead - YES-NO-MAYBE’ and talked about how the industry has to evolve and change to remain relevant.

During CommunicAsia, the World Teleport Association also spoke to Sjoerd De Clerck, Newtec’s VP Asia for their Executive Dialogue series of interviews.

We’d like to say thank you to everyone that came along to visit the Newtec booth during the show and also to all of those that attended panel sessions. It was a very successful event and we look forward to seeing you at upcoming events around the globe over the coming weeks and months.

Thank you for meeting us at CommunicAsia