Connecting the unconnected: The Philippines and beyond

Wednesday 3 July 2019
Connecting the unconnected: The Philippines and beyond
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Only by marrying innovation in the sky with ongoing innovation on the ground will the satellite industry optimize the performance and efficiencies for its users. Read this blog by Mark Lee, Newtec's Regional Sales Director, Asia to find out more.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, broadband is now widely considered as the key utility. From enhanced socio-economic benefits to inclusive and sustainable growth, the benefits of broadband are undeniable. However, the growth of the Internet can often be hindered due to a vast number of deployment hurdles, ranging from unequal distribution of Internet infrastructure, to the high-cost of fibre and geographical constraints.

The Philippines has had its fair share of connectivity hurdles and in 2016, introduced a National Broadband Plan in response to the demand for reliable broadband connectivity across the country, particularly in far-flung remote areas. Finding an economically viable way to connect every corner of the region is a sizeable task in itself, with fiber and microwave not up to the challenge. All of this makes satellite the ideal mode by which to connect the unconnected in the Philippines and increase the reliability of connectivity technologies. 

Lingmin Lin, Rajeev Kaushik and Mark Lee
Lingmin Lin, Regional Marketing at Intelsat;
Rajeev Kaushik, Senior Sales Director at Intelsat;
and Mark Lee, Regional Sales Director at Newtec

Today, on April 23, global satellite operator, Intelsat will bring the industry together, from the Philippines and beyond, at their Philippines Workshop, to be held in Manila at TIME. Intelsat has the only HTS fleet covering the entire Asia Pacific with H-3e and IS-33e. It is prepared to meet the needs of any provider to provision any telecommunications services, be it for mobile connectivity, enterprise solutions, or wireless broadband, to provide greater capacity and high data rates to meet end-users’ inexhaustible appetite for data.

Newtec will discuss the latest advancements in our innovative technology on the panel: “The Power of the Ecosystem” from 3.10-3.55pm.

A saviour in satellite

As part of its plans to make Internet access widely available, the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) of Philippines will roll-out free Wi-Fi Internet access in public place across the country.

Cellular backhaul over satellite for 2G and 3G services has had tremendous success in emerging markets and it is proving to be the best in efficiency, scalability and flexibility to bridge the digital divide in many countries - and the Philippines is no exception.

Maintaining one of the largest available amounts of satellite capacity for mobile backhaul, Newtec already has significant experience in connecting hundreds of mobile backhaul sites in remote areas. Our Newtec Dialog® Hub has also been deployed to enable high-speed, free Internet connectivity across communities, including in government offices, schools, hospitals and other public buildings. For instance, we are working with one of the Philippine’s operators to enhance the Philippine government’s operations with broadband connectivity. This is just one example, and one of our five customers in the country, who we are helping to make always-on, affordable and reliable connectivity, a reality.

Connecting the unconnected

Only by marrying innovation in the sky with ongoing innovation on the ground will the satellite industry optimize the performance and efficiencies of broadband. Satellite has and will keep its unique value of being able to deliver connectivity to any place in the world, which will enable oceans and remote, vast places without any terrestrial infrastructure – such as the Philippines – to be connected. That is why at Newtec, we are committed to continuously adapting our satellite technology to overcome connectivity challenges, ensuring that no man, or market is left unserved.

I look forward to meeting you at what should be a very engaging event and a great opportunity to bring the local and global industry together. 

Kind regards, 

Mark Lee at Intelsat's Philippines Workshop


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Connecting the unconnected: The Philippines and beyond (image credit: Elena Frolova / Shutterstock)