Dear Mr dB

Wednesday 28 January 2015
Dear Mr dB
Dirk Breynaert, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Newtec


The Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) has announced four new inductees for the 2015 Satellite Hall of Fame, to be honored on March 17 2015 during SSPI’s annual Gala Benefit Dinner. Newtec’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dirk Breynaert, and three other inductees will join more than 40 Hall of Fame members including Dr. Arthur C. Clarke.

"Dear Mr dB,
t's an honor and privilege to work for and with you! Keep on inspiring us and our industry. Your passion for pushing the technical boundaries of satellite communications is now officially recognized at the highest level in our industry. This is for sure a nice 30th birthday present!"

Serge Van Herck, CEO at Newtec

Dirk Breynaert, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Newtec

Dirk Breynaert founded Newtec in 1985 with fellow engineer Jean-Marie Maes.  For the company’s first ten years, it worked exclusively in R&D for the European Space Agency (ESA).  In 1994, when the European satellite market was deregulated, Newtec seized the opportunity to begin developing its own products and focused its efforts on the new Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) standard. 

As company CEO, Dirk pushed for Newtec to develop and introduce innovations in DVB and also played a leadership role in the standards development process that led to DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-RCS and DVB-S2X.  Thanks to those innovations, more than three billion people across the world have access to the latest content, which is being transmitted at greater volumes and at lower cost than ever before.  Standardization made it possible for all TV set-top boxes and VSAT terminals to integrate cost-effective chipsets, which was critical to creating the flourishing satellite service markets of today. He and his team also combined existing technologies including DVB-S2 to create new modulation technologies, which power more than 130,000 satellite broadband terminals for SES and are bridging the digital divide in Russia, Africa, Latin America and the Philippines. 

Dirk surrendered the CEO role in 2006 to become the company’s chief technology officer, and has worked since then to break through the throughput barriers that have limited the satellite industry for decades.  His biggest success to date was achieving 500 Mbps in tests with Eutelsat (click video link below), Intelsat and Yahsat. 

Inside Newtec, he is appreciated as much for his humility as for his passion for technology.  For “Mr dB,” as he is known inside the company, the future is without limits.

Dirk video► Watch the video here to find out about the record-breaking tests from Dirk himself:

SSPI Satellite Hall of Fame

The SSPI Satellite Hall of Fame was introduced in 1987 to recognize the enormous contributions of the visionaries and pioneers who have made possible the age of satellite communications - individuals who have devoted their careers to the advancement of technology and to helping build the political and commercial foundations of the industry.

SSPI's executive director Robert Bell said, that SSPI is privileged to honor a set of company founders and technology leaders who have transformed the business of launch, broadband Internet, pay TV and the efficiency and availability of satellite services.

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Ceremony at Gala Benefit Dinner 2015

The Hall of Fame Ceremony will take place at the 2015 Gala Benefit Dinner on March 17 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC, where the Hall of Fame inductees will be presented with Ariane trophies courtesy of Arianespace.  Hall of Fame members are selected by a committee of industry leaders, chaired by Richard Wolf, Executive Vice President, The Switch and past Chairman of SSPI. Committee members include Dianne VanBeber of Intelsat, David Cavossa of Harris Caprock, Tim Jackson of Ateme, Thomas Van Den Driessche of Newtec and Dr. Denis Curtin.

About SSPI

The Society of Satellite Professionals International is a professional development society.  We promote the growth of the industry by educating the public and end-users about the indispensable contributions of satellites to business, government and human welfare, and by connecting satellite professionals worldwide through education, knowledge-sharing and fostering professional relationships.  For more information, visit

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