Do You Speak Satellite? Are You Sure??

Tuesday 8 September 2015
Do You Speak Satellite?  Are You Sure??
Join us at IBC2015 on Saturday, 12 Sept. at 5pm for a reception at the Newtec stand (1.A49)


People who work in satellite have a special way of speaking.  When satellite people gather, it is not long before they start talking about APSK, uplink power control, link margins and DVB-S2X. 

There’s nothing wrong with that.  Complex technologies are core to the business.  Problems arise, however, when we “speak satellite” to non-satellite people. 

You know the ones I mean: new customers in fast-growth sectors.  The next generation of talented young people.  Government policymakers who decide our future.  Few of them speak satellite, and so the wonders of our technology fly right over their heads.

To speak satellite today, you need to talk differently.  You need to talk about solving problems and saving lives…spreading knowledge and empowering people…boosting growth and creating opportunities. 

Those are things that satellites do every day – but too few people outside our industry know it.  That lack of awareness has real consequences: regulatory assault on our spectrum, lack of government funding for satellite solutions, the customers in new markets who will never give satellite a try, the talented young people who will never consider a career that is literally out of this world.

Better World with Satellite

Join us on Saturday, 12 September at 17:00 for a reception at the Newtec stand (1.A49) at IBC. While you enjoy the company’s warm hospitality, we will take you inside our Better Satellite World campaign, which is helping the industry to speak satellite in a new and better way.  We will also invite you join the campaign: by downloading our free app, endorsing our campaign and sharing our free content with your market.  You can learn more now at 

The campaign is brought to you by the Society of Satellite Professionals International with the support of Newtec and dozens of other global leaders in our industry. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Better Satellite World reception on Saturday afternoon.

Best Regards,


Robert Bell,
Executive Director,
Society of Satellite Professionals International