Don't Miss the Goal

Wednesday 5 February 2014
Don't Miss the Goal


by Bart Van Utterbeeck, General Manager Newtec America do Sul

Without any doubt, 2014 is set to be a fantastic year for Sport, with the Winter Olympics in Sochi opening this Friday and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil coming up.

The right technologies will be even more desirable this year to ensure the viewing experience of these sporting events, in particular the FIFA World Cup, is as high quality as has come to be expected.

Olympics of 2012

During the 2012 Olympics, 50% of satellite operators’ transmissions were implemented with Carrier ID to mitigate satellite interference. The result was an improved transmission quality of service experience and reduced operating expenses with a noticeable reduction in interference, especially when compared with previous tournaments.

The Spotlight on Brazil

This year it is Brazils turn to be the focal point of the world’s broadcast media at the FIFA World Cup. This provides a tremendous opportunity for Brazilian satellite operators to exhibit Latin America as one of the world’s leaders for broadcast technology. While Brazil’s football players will be out on the field putting their blood, sweat and tears in to trying not to miss the goal, satellite operators and content providers’ goal will be to not miss out on any broadcast and advertisement opportunity. Even if satellite transmission provides highest service availability above any terrestrial infrastructure, the risk of RF interferences does exist especially during high activity periods like the World Cup. 

Occasional Users and Human Error

At the World Cup there will be a significant increase in the number of occasional use transmissions. Broadcasters from pretty much every nation on Earth will flock to Brazil to gather many hours of high value content to broadcast back to their home countries. With many more satellite carriers being set-up and taken down than normal, and technicians under tremendous time pressures, the likelihood of interference due to operational mistakes has increased.

The question is – can your network afford to miss that goal, penalty shout or free kick?  

All Transmissions Identified

A target of 100 percent of carrier transmissions to be identified has been set. Although everyone understands that achieving this target in the World Cup time-frame will be a big challenge, the magnitude of the event can serve to concentrate the industry’s combined attention.

Maybe instead of all transmissions we should instead target all occasional use users before the World Cup. The satellite spectrum is open to all and the disciplined use, inclusive of identifying your own transmissions, is everyone’s responsibility. None of us want to miss that all important goal and advertisement – whether it be the football players, the satellite operators or the viewers!

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Best Regards,


Bart Van Utterbeeck, 
General Manager Newtec America do Sul