Efficiency in Action

Monday 5 October 2015
Efficiency in Action
The live “Maverick” service demo at IBC2015 based on Newtec Dialog drew interest and attendance from major broadcast clients in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas


In partnership with Newtec, Network Innovations (NI) demonstrated its latest "Maverick" VSAT IP service live at the IBC2015 show.  

Utilizing the newest Cobham driveway and various remotes, NI was able to show a variety of applications commonly used by broadcasters for digital-satellite-news-gathering (D-SNG).  These applications included live video-streaming, flexible Internet access, voice, store-&-forward (FTP), and other applications.  

The "Mx-DMA™" technology of the Newtec Dialog® platform allows for seamless, dynamic bandwidth allocation without packet or jitter loss. 

Using AviWest and LiveU encoders, NI was able to demonstrate how a satellite-truck, bureau or flyaway could use shared TDMA comparable bandwidth for delayed applications allocating IP among a fleet of remotes and instantly shift to guaranteed, non-contended bandwidth for live video-streaming on the return channel's upstream via "Mx-DMA" proprietary technology.   Maverick not only allows for better management and more efficient space segment utilization but also considerable cost savings when compared to other platforms. 

Demo at IBC

The live “Maverick” service demo drew interest and attendance from major broadcast clients in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas.  Because of Maverick’s multi-continental service aspect, it is very appealing to broadcasters requiring global and nomadic VSAT IP services.   In addition to subscription-based or occasional-use services, "Maverick" also supplements client’s needs offering partial or fully managed services. 

Network Diagram
Network illustration of the IBC2015 demo showcasing MAVERICK based on Newtec Dialog (click to enlarge)

We innovated and developed our 'Maverick' service because of Newtec Dialog's incredible return channels use via Mx-DMA technology.  This feature is ideal for our SNG-broadcast, government and energy clients wanting true dynamic bandwidth allocation via satellite.  Through 'Maverick', we can offer NI's clients the best and most efficient platform with flexibility and cost savings for their VSAT services.  We are pleased to have Newtec as a partner as 'Maverick' grows worldwide.

For more information on Maverick please email Maverick@networkinv.com or visit www.networkinv.com/Maverick

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John Stoltz, VP - Media Sector, Network Innovations
John Stoltz, VP - Media Sector, Network Innovations

Newtec DialogAbout Newtec Dialog

Newtec Dialog is a multiservice platform that guarantees optimal modulation and bandwidth allocation, whether it is being used for broadcast, enterprise, mobility or HTS networks.

For more information on Newtec Dialog visit our product page.

About Mx-DMA

Newtec’s patented return link technology – Mx-DMA, or Cross-Dimensional Multiple Access – enables services to run more efficiently and reliably than ever before over satellite by combining the best features of MF-TDMA and SCPC technologies.To read more about Mx-DMA visit our technology page.

Mx-DMA explainedAnd, there is a video for you to discover. Newtec's CTO Frederik Simoens explains the advanced features behind our Mx-DMA technology as presented at IBC2015. Frederik shows live how the carrier is adapting to the traffic being sent by three remotes side’s terminals. In the spectrum analyzer you can follow easily the adaptations being made dynamically and that all changes have no effects on the video displayed.