Free Satellite Internet - A Game-changer For Emerging Economies

Tuesday 10 April 2018
Free Satellite Internet - A Game-changer For Emerging Economies


The launch of Quika, the brainchild of Alan Afrasiab, CEO and President of Talia Limited, represents what could be a game-changer for emerging economies. For the first time, many developing countries across Africa, the Middle East and Asia will have access to free or affordable fast satellite Internet. With Newtec being chosen to provide the satellite ground equipment – based on the Newtec Dialog® platform – I am proud to share more insights after talking to the Quika team. 

Designed to address a leading cause of economic and social inequality, Quika responds directly to the growing disparity between regions with high and low investment, and limited access to Internet infrastructure. Using Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) High Throughput Satellite (HTS) networks to provide high-speed, low-latency Ka-band Internet, coupled with advanced satellite ground equipment from Newtec, Quika can effectively compete with terrestrial services to provide fast and reliable connectivity.

According to the founder and chairman of Quika, Alan Afrasiab, the service will help bridge the digital and economical divide. Without such a service, Afrasiab believes that entire communities and regions will be abandoned by technological and economic progression. Out of the 3.9 billion people (53% of the world’s population) still offline, Afrasiab highlighted that the majority of these live in rural areas and are often poor. The main reasons for people not using the Internet, he said, are inequalities in relation to income and education, as well as the lack of infrastructure, relevant online content and services, plus relatively high costs of access and usage.

While Afrasiab recognizes that numerous initiatives have been implemented to bring unconnected communities online, he thinks that a significant number of people remain without access and hopes that Quika will change this, accelerating Internet adoption around the world and transforming societies for the better.

“Our mission is to connect the unconnected, to overcome that digital inequality and create a better world for everyone. We are aiming to provide citizens of developing countries and those in rural areas trapped by poor and/or expensive Internet infrastructure with a decent, quality connection to help bring about real change to empower communities.”

Alan Afrasiab, founder and chairman of Quika

Quika services will be available in a range of packages from subscription-free, funded by advertising, to volumebased services measured in Gb per month, similar to the model used in the mobile phone market. For larger commercial organizations, Quika Plus, VNO and Trunk will be offered to those who require significant amounts of data or dedicated access to Talia’s MPLS network.

Quika Stand CABSAT 2018Quika was launched at CABSAT 2018 with a huge interest reported by Talia across the world and media reports comparing Quika to Facebook and Google. Quika is arriving in Afghanistan and Iraq in March 2018 and will be rolled out to some 24 countries across Africa later this year, using capacity reserved on the Al Yah 3 satellite from Yahsat.

Can Quika help bridge the divide? Keep up-to-date with their progress at

“Talia is a longstanding partner of Newtec and has always been at the forefront of providing its customers with high-speed efficiency and reliability. The purchase of this latest Newtec Dialog platform will see our cooperation move into a multitude of new services and we applaud Talia on its innovative market approach.”

Thomas Van den Driessche, CEO at Newtec

Alan Afrasiab, President and CEO of Talia Limited, and Thomas Van den Driessche, Newtec’s CEO, at CABSAT 2018

Alan Afrasiab, President and CEO of Talia Limited, and Thomas Van den Driessche, Newtec’s CEO, at CABSAT2018.


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