From Books to our Computer Screens - How Newtec Helped Us Get Online for the First Time

Thursday 1 December 2016
From Books to our Computer Screens - How Newtec Helped Us Get Online for the First Time
Sebhat and Sesuna, students in Eritrea




By Sebhat, age 12, and Sesuna, age 11, both students at a school in Eritrea

As students at an elementary school in Eritrea, we had been introduced to the Internet at an early age, but only ever through various books.

Recently, some Newtec equipment – an MDM2200 IP Satellite Modem – was implemented in our school library so that we, and all the other students at our school, could be introduced to the Internet (the World Wide Web) properly for the first time.

Since the equipment was installed, we have been using the Internet and can experience first-hand what we have been reading about for so long.

The connection is real and reliable, and is playing an essential role in developing our skills in things like search engine strategy and techniques, as well as being used in our “Introduction Into Coding For Children” program.

Our main source for information is Wikipedia and every student at the school can now come and research anything they want in their spare time for study or personal interest. 

We’ve been told the installation was much easier than expected – the modem is light and seems to work with any of the satellite dishes already available to us. It is so light and easy to transport that it could even be used for workshops in remote places.

Without the sponsored Newtec equipment, all of this would have been out of reach because of limited resources. Previously our school has searched for other ways to create an opportunity for the students through different technologies, but every possible technology would have been expensive, very complicated to implement or logistically unfeasible. Thanks to the sponsored equipment, the whole of our school is now benefiting a lot.

So, again, thank you Newtec for helping us get online for the first time and bring everything we have read about out of the books and on to our computer screens!

Note from the Newtec team: Dear Sebhat, Dear Sesuna, our Newtec team is sending regards back to you! Thanks again for this nice article and enjoy your photo online in the Internet. Keep on studying; and we continue our work shaping the future of satellite communications to be connected.