HBE Pave Way for Efficiency in India

Sunday 1 March 2015
HBE Pave Way for Efficiency in India
photo (c) Kerstin Roost


Being an official certified Newtec business partner (bePART®), is all about achieving more, together. By combining local market knowledge and the expertise of regional distributors and integrators with our products, support, dedicated training and marketing tools, the aim is to increase revenues for all parties. Horizon Broadcast Electronics (HBE), a leading player in broadcast, aviation and defense, has a rich history of success and a long, trusted partnership with Newtec, exemplifying our channel business partner philosophy.

Where the Relationship Began

Operating across India, HBE and Newtec have worked closely on satellite communications projects. Our extensive range of satellite modulators, up-converters and redundancy switches have been at the forefront of HBE’s operations, particularly in the delivery of DTH (Direct-to-home) broadcasting. Having formed a trusted relationship during the process, HBE has gone on to utilize Newtec equipment for a number of projects and continues to rely on Newtec’s modulation solutions to maximize throughput in a country where bandwidth is limited.

Indian Trends

Although DVB-S2X, the new transmission standard behind which Newtec was the driving force, is some way from gaining traction in India, Satellite News Gathering (SNG) continues to gather momentum. India is a huge market and has seen massive development in the area of SNG, with contribution feeds of live sports events and news exchanges increasing significantly in recent years. In particular, Ultra High Definition (UHD; e.g. 4K) transmission is an emerging market in sports broadcasting, and one which will gather significant momentum in the coming years. The Newtec Dialog® platform is essential here, delivering a fully-fledged multiservice solution with a minimal OPEX cost.

Efficiency over Satellite

Newtec’s modulation solutions are critical to HBE’S operations in squeezing the maximum amount of bandwidth available to broadcast operators. HBE equips all the leading players in the broadcast industry with satellite solutions, including a long list of major Indian players. Downtime is therefore not an option. In this case, HBE looks to the Newtec M6100 Satellite Broadcast Modulators to offer the highest system reliability and service uptime through robust design and industry leading redundancy solutions.

A Vision for the Future

For Indian operators such as HBE, efficiency and reliability over satellite is key. With growing trends in sports broadcasting and the upgrade from SD to HD in transition, satellite operators are looking to rely on satellite equipment manufacturers to provide a fail-proof solution. Here, through HBE, Newtec provides the best in modulation equipment, with built-in innovations such as Clean Channel Technology® and
Equalink® 3 resulting in bandwidth efficiency gains that make all the difference when working in a country where bandwidth is often hard to come by.

HBE is pleased to partner with Newtec, which has always provided un-paralleled support to our satellite operations, offering the highest reliability and efficiency gains.
Kuldeep Kaul, CEO at Horizon Broadcast Electronics Pvt Ltd.