High Quality Wi-Fi On The High Seas

Wednesday 28 March 2018
High Quality Wi-Fi On The High Seas


The peaceful serenity of the open ocean appeals to millions of intrepid travelers each year. Whether it’s a two-week cruise around the Caribbean or a quick ferry ride between countries for a business trip or a weekend away on your favorite island, maritime travel is full of possibilities for everyone.

As well as reaching their destination, the journey is what counts for anyone embarking on a cruise. In today’s digital age, this often means being able to share their experiences on social media, including pictures and videos. This means high-speed, high-capacity broadband is becoming a must-have service for ship operators competing in the market place.

As one of Europe’s leading service providers in the satellite telecommunications sector, Eurona, formerly Quantis, aims to meet this demand by offering a full end-to-end solution which overcomes the increasing demand for data coming from smartphones and mobile devices, and bandwidth-hungry services such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and video streaming, as well as the usual requirement from Internet and email access.

First Class Ferry Service

In order to do this, Eurona partnered with Newtec to enable highspeed Internet access via satellite for the crew and passengers aboard its ferry services. Nexmachina was also involved in the project, providing high-quality, dedicated Wi-Fi hotspots. With maritime communications being a competitively congested area, it was important Eurona set itself apart and went beyond simply offering capacity. Instead, it wanted to implement a full end-to-end solution with the highest quality standards, international maintenance, 24/7 service, and global VSAT coverage.

Having already worked with Eurona to provide satellite coverage over Southern Europe and Morocco, we were confident our technology would be up to the job of fulfilling these requirements. Furthermore, as Eurona was already using the Newtec Dialog® VSAT platform, launching the service was incredibly easy as it can address multiple market verticals from a single multiservice VSAT platform.

Optimized Ocean Services

Newtec Dialog enables tailored services and guarantees optimal modulation, bandwidth allocation, service availability, reliable automation of link set-ups and flexible workflow support. The platform also features the award-winning Mx-DMA® technology, which delivers the efficiency of SCPC combined with the dynamic bandwidth allocation of MF-TDMA. This give unprecedented performance on the return link and an unbeatable bit/Hz ratio.

This enabled Eurona to more than double the throughput in the same bandwidth, meaning the service remains efficient and cost-effective, all while providing an excellent user experience. Connecting everything to a single multiservice hub has given Eurona the capability to handle video, voice and data traffic efficiently, as well as ensure reliable two-way IP connectivity through a flexible, scalable platform.

Using Hispasat Ku-band capacity on H30W4, the service delivers corporate encrypted communications and Internet access to crew and passengers, including VoIP, IPTV, and 4G integrated solutions. This offering is available on all of Eurona’s customer ferries. The majority of these ferries are Roll-on/Rolloff ships, more than 100 meters in length and carry up to 1,600 passengers. 

"Our journey with Newtec so far has been a great one as we know, thanks to Newtec Dialog, every voyage our maritime customers undertake will be smooth sailing. This means we maximize our business potential and provide high-quality services to our customers.”
José Luis Garate, Director Commercial B2B of Eurona

Ongoing Expansion

Eurona is planning to extend its maritime coverage using the Ka-band spot beams recently purchased on Hispasat’s 36W1 satellite which will enable it to have unbeatable coverage between the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands.

Despite the ebb and flow of consumers’ needs and requirements, Newtec Dialog’s flexible, multiservice and costeffective offering is creating a buoyant future for bandwidthhungry end-users, anywhere and everywhere. 


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