How does Carrier-ID insertion work ? 3 Easy Steps to Start Using Carrier-ID

Tuesday 4 June 2013
How does Carrier-ID insertion work ? 3 Easy Steps to Start Using Carrier-ID


by Johan De Nolf, Product Manager, and Koen Willems, Market Director Government and Defense, Newtec.

Whenever faced with an instance of interference, embedding a Carrier Identifier (CID) into the SCPC carrier will help to pinpoint the source of interference quickly, to resolve the issue.

But how does Carrier ID work?

1. An Identifier Is Injected into the Carrier by the Modulator.

The identifier contains mandatory information such as a 64-bit MAC address and a vendor serial number in combination with optional user configurable data such as GPS coordinates, the carrier name and user contact coordinates. This information is injected into the carrier by the modulator at the uplink site.

how does carrier ID work?

2. The Carrier ID Is Transported over Satellite Below the Noise

In order to lower the impact on the throughput over the satellite the carrier ID information is spread below the noise floor of the carrier. By using robust modulation (BPSK spread spectrum at 112kHz or 224kHz & BCH Coding) the carrier ID can be easily determined and read out.

The image below depicts an instance of interference between 2 carriers and the location of the Carrier ID info. At the top of this article, you can also see how the DVB CID is under the noise floor at the receiving end.

The  typical impact on the overall link budget degradation of the main carrier is less than 0,28 dB.

how does carrier ID work ?

3. The ID Is Read from the Carrier by Special Measurement Receivers

At the satellite operator facilities special measurement receivers such as the Satcorp’s Monics® satellite carrier monitoring system are installed.  At any occurrence of interference these receivers can read out the contact information from the carrier and quickly point out the source of interference. Resolving the interference issue is in most cases only a phone call away.

That's it !

If you want to know which products of Newtec support Carrier ID, just visit the product section on our website. With every product, we indicated the support for Carrier ID functionality.



That's a nice, simplified overview and it's good to see that a major modem manufacturer like Newtec is integrating this really important technology.

Accidental or sometimes intentional (jamming) interference has been a major problem for the satellite communications industry for a long time. Good for Newtec!

Jonathan Williams wrote

Really simple and easy to understand explanation. Glad to see that you guys are on the forefront of implementing technology that will make life easier!

Patrick Mupeti wrote

This is a welcome development. When we were talking of I3 a few years ago we thought implementation might be difficult, but this solution from Newtec is quite simple.