I Started to Get Bored - Next Challenges Waiting?

Friday 29 May 2015
I Started to Get Bored - Next Challenges Waiting?


About a year ago, I started to get bored. Everything was running smoothly and while I encountered the usual day-to-day challenges in my job as head of our presales team, nothing truly new and exciting was happening.

Then the position of Product Manager of our IP modems became vacant.

As I was already specialized in IP systems from a pre-sales point of view, I thought: “why not take up the challenge?” Instead of screaming and shouting at the guys in product management that the new features were not what we wanted and didn’t come fast enough, this role would give me the chance to sit at the other side of the fence and grab the bull by its horns.

After thinking it over for a couple of days, my mind was made up – it was time for a change and time to bring back the action!

Half a year later, I am anything but bored. Quite the contrary, I’m thrilled! Working with a motivated engineering team and making sure we are living up to our credo, “Shaping the Future of Satcom,” is a great feeling.

Now is a particularly exciting time, with the imminent launch of a couple of new features on our IP modems which, in my opinion, will reaffirm Newtec’s position as a market leader in this field.

Those of you that know Newtec and know our history might well be thinking: are we about to see another high-speed record. But no, I’m not going to push yet again for another high speed world record – I know we can do that, there’s no challenge there.

Next Challenge?
What I’d like to demonstrate is our unparalleled efficiency at any rate, whether on a low-speed voice or data connection or for medium-speed backhaul links, all the way up to the (yes, record breaking) ultra high-speed trunks. In other words, we no longer offer the highest speeds, but instead the highest bits/Hz for any application.

With that in mind, I like to gear up for the activation of a circuit that will carry 10 bits/Hz. Or, to put it into perspective, 20 Mbits in just a 2 MHz leased capacity slot.

For what it’s worth, I think this is another important barrier, as it shows our ability to fully utilize the capabilities of next generation satellites capabilities and to use them for what they are designed for – even here and now on existing infrastructure.

And, I must say, this sort of achievement will certainly stave off that boredom for another while yet. It is incredibly exciting for me and the rest of the team at Newtec to be able to contribute to yet another milestone in satellite communications.

Stay tuned for more details shortly – and, if you’re at CommunicAsia, come and see us – I’ll be happy to share the story.

Best Regards,