iGSAT Service Continues Through a Typhoon

Sunday 16 August 2015
iGSAT Service Continues Through a Typhoon




>>> MESSAGE FROM: Wilson
>>> DATE: August, 8
>>> LOCATION: Philippines
>>> USER: - a Newtec Broadband (Sat3Play) Terminal 800mW with a 100cm antenna (with Newtec MDM2200 IP Satellite Modem)

>>> Around 3 am this Morning
The typhoon made landfall bringing intense rain and wind. Situated directly in the zone of the typhoon, we felt the huge impact of this weather with winds that were gusting ferociously. The wind even blew down my perimeter fence, and as a result of this my DTH antenna service was blown out of alignment as well.

>>> Throughout the 12 Hours of Typhoon
My iGSAT service survived.

>>> Throughout the Day
I used the service, frequently checking my connectivity to the Internet, I realized that service quality and speed was adapting automatically to the link conditions. More importantly, at no time was my Internet access disconnected from the network. Installed at my location is a Newtec broadband terminal of 800mW and 100cm.

This shows that Newtec’s implementation of the DVB-ACM service is excellent. The system dynamically adapts to the weather condition and continuously adapts the Forward and Return link to ensure that the Internet service continues to be available. The performance of this is captured on the chart on the right (click to enlarge).

When a network speedtest was performed, it was shown that the SLA provided by iGSAT maintained the same even as the weather was extremely poor.

I went as far as testing video streaming from YouTube, and even as the Modem Es/No dropped down as low as 4dB, my connectivity was never really lost and the video streaming was working just as well (with some occasional buffering).

After the day was over and the typhoon had cleared, I realized that the choice of the location of my Newtec antenna was critical in surviving the day. Having lived in the location, understanding where the winds channel through the buildings and surroundings, I selected a location in which the antenna would have proper shelter against heavy wind gusts, whilst maintaining a clear line of sight to the satellite. In addition, I had made sure that the antenna was mounted sturdily on a strong pole and weighed down by at least 100kg of weight over a large base.  The decision to ensure the strong pole, location and weights with a proper tightening of the bolts was critical in surviving the situation.

I am glad to say, the design of the Newtec broadband (Sat3Play) solution, hub, protocols, software, engineering and link budget choices supporting the survivability of the service are all excellent.  To continue to have service all throughout these weather conditions was quite impressive and amazing.

>>> Summary
Well done !!



Launched last year, in partnership with Newtec, to deliver high-speed broadband, iGSat is based on Newtec’s broadband hub utilizing thousands of Newtec’s terminals, including the MDM2200 IP Satellite Modems and interactive LNBs. This technology provides ISPs with the broadband connection they need in order to offer reliable, high-speed and always-on Internet access to users through a wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection.

Read the iGSatlaunch press release here. Continue getting more insights how Newtec can connect your network(s). Our scalable platforms allow IP connectivity for consumer, enterprise and multiservice applications such as SCADA, datacasting and IP trunking.