Important Issues Facing the Industry 2 of 3: Understanding your Customer’s Business with Thomas Van den Driessche

Thursday 18 June 2015
Important Issues Facing the Industry 2 of 3: Understanding your Customer’s Business with Thomas Van den Driessche


Newtec's CCO Thomas Van den Driessche was asked by WTA to talk about what it means to say you really know your customers and to understand their business and needs. Also you get an idea how we at Newtec gearing our technologies.

Randall Barney (right photo), Membership Director of the World Teleport Association (WTA) has interviewed our CEO, CCO and VP Asia as part of WTA's Executive Dialogue series called "Important Issues Facing the Industry Today" (get here an overview). 

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Randall: What do you think it means to say you really know your customer?


Thomas: What we try to understand from our customer is really what type of business he is getting into, how he is generating money and how we can help him be profitable. This is very generic but it comes down to trying to understand the details of their applications into the vertical markets. If it is broadcast, we try to understand SNG vans, distribution, what they are actually trying to do on an application level. The more we understand of the application level, the better we can start gearing our technology into a direction that brings profitability and lowers costs for our customer. We do the same thing for all vertical markets – whether it is oil and gas, maritime, government, broadcast or consumer broadband.

Randall: How do you make sure that knowledge of the customer becomes a company asset instead of just being locked in a few peoples’ heads?


Thomas: What we’ve done in our organization is, we’ve set up a team of product managers that are responsible for the different product lines but we’ve also set up a team of different market directors for each of those vertical markets that really try to understand the key customers and all of the elements of the ecosystem within a certain market. We use these people in a matrix organization and we have them talking to customers continuously and they form teams together with sales and the product managers to bring the best proposals to those customers. So we really try to capture all the information from those customers, pulling it into the market but also getting it back in to our products defining the requirements from the market to get it back into our products.

Randall Barney

Randall: How do you manage customization for each customer’s particular needs so that you can apply lessons from one customer to a whole set of customers?


Thomas: Specifically what we’ve done for Newtec Dialog®, which is our system approach, we have a philosophy that we only have one system so we’ve scaled it so that we can tackle all these different applications but we want to make sure that we actually have the philosophy of just having one system. So, if you have something very big like an HTS platform, you have the ability to get all the specifics for the different market approaches in to that platform. If you have a single service that you want to do on Newtec Dialog, you will get exactly the goods and tools you need for a specific application. For instance, if you just want to do maritime high-speed, you are going to get a really tailored subset of all the functionality that we have.

I think the fact we have the philosophy to put it all on the same platform leverages our approach. We don’t really customize we try to grow in how we can tackle the different applications and different markets so the tools that are available on the platform remain inherent. 

Newtec's served MarketsNewtec is a global leader offering state-of the-art satellite communication technologies and solutions for the broadcast, broadband access, trunking, government and defense markets, as well as for dedicated cellular backhaul, oil, gas, mining and maritime applications.

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