Important Issues Facing the Industry 3 of 3: Providing the Total Customer Solution with Mario Querner

Thursday 18 June 2015
Important Issues Facing the Industry 3 of 3: Providing the Total Customer Solution with Mario Querner


Newtec's VP Asia Mario Querner was asked by WTA to talk about the value of total solutions and how to optimize the value proposition to Newtec's customers to get the most 'out of the satellite'.


Randall Barney (right photo), Membership Director of the World Teleport Association (WTA) has interviewed our CEO, CCO and VP Asia as part of WTA's Executive Dialogue series called "Important Issues Facing the Industry Today" (get here an overview). 

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Randall: If I say the word ‘total solution’ to you, what does it mean in the markets you serve?


Mario: Well, total solution for Newtec means we tailor and provide a solution for our customer so that he has exactly what he needs to fit requirements of his customer or the end-user

So, when we speak about how we would do it, we have our Newtec Dialog platform, a multiservice VSAT system, and this platform provides us the flexibility to give the customer the right solution. So, we tailor it around our core, our Newtec Dialog platform. 

Randall: Give us an example of a total solution you provide to a customer and where the value of it really lies.


Mario: One solution we have now is for mobile backhauling which could be for 2G, 3G or 4G. How do we do this? First we have our Newtec Dialog system as a platform, we have different return channel technologies – MF-TDMA, SCPC, and the WTA award-winning Mx-DMA™ technology and this allows us to be very flexible and agile as to what the customer needs. We complement this with solutions from the ecosystem like from Sevis or XipLink to really optimize the value proposition to our customer to get the most out of the satellite. As you know satellites are expensive – satellite capacity, transponders, you really want get the most out of it. This is also in Newtec’s DNA – to optimize the space spectrum.

Randall Barney

Randall: What are the challenges a company faces in providing total solutions instead of just services, capabilities and products? 


Mario: The challenges are to listen carefully to the customer, to really understand their needs.

For example, going back to mobile backhauling, previously it was more on voice and today there is more data which means you have less symmetric traffic and more asymmetric traffic, as well as more bursty traffic. All this you need to really understand where the customer wants to go, where they want to move. In some countries they leap frog 3G and go directly to 4G. All this needs to be carefully evaluated and then we bring in a solution which is the maximum in terms of using the satellite.

Randall: What advice would you give to a colleague trying to move from providing individual services or products into providing total solutions? 



The advice I would give is:

  • Listen to your customer!
  • Be open, be agile and help your customer!
  • If your customer is successful, you are successful.
  • Be open to new technologies and to innovation!

One of Newtec’s strength is innovation – this year marks our 30th anniversary and these 30 years have been full of innovation.

So, my advice is to be open, look at what is new in the market in terms of technology and come to Newtec for this. 

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