JRC succesfully tested on MENOS platform powered by ASBU & Newtec

Friday 12 January 2018
JRC succesfully tested on MENOS platform powered by ASBU & Newtec


Newtec and Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC) have joined forces to deliver the latest Fast Newsgathering (FNG) technology that will form part of the Arab States Broadcasting Union’s (ASBU) successful MENOSPLUS+ platform. The solution has already met ASBU’s criteria and produced impressive results in testing, combining JRC’s unique flat array antenna with Newtec’s broadcast satellite modems.


MENOSPLUS+ represents the second generation of the innovative Multimedia Exchange Network over Satellite (MENOS) system, which was the first platform to use satellite for a broadcast exchange and contribution network, allowing content to be moved between broadcasters using central hub mechanism. Introduced in early 2017 and powered by Newtec Dialog®, MENOSPLUS+ is the evolution of the MENOS concept and is designed to cope with the ever-growing amount of content and terminals by enhancing the network through increased automation and improved ground segment technologies.

MENOS+ Choices of IP

Illustration: MENOS is also unique in the way it uses the satellite capacity. Advanced DVB satellite modulation technology, combined with the statistical multiplexing of the data, voice, television and radio signals, ensures the optimum efficiency of the bandwidth usage and thus reduces operational costs.
With an ever-increasing number of outside broadcasts taking place and using the MENOSPLUS+ platform, ASBU was looking for a new generation of flyaway terminals that can cope with the rigors of on-location filming. The crucial factor for these terminals would be the portability – allowing them to be easily transported by air and land to the broadcast location – and speed of setup, with a target time of less than one hour from starting the setup to being able to broadcast.

To address these requirements, we collaborated with JRC to develop a flat array antenna with a built-in MDM3300 broadcast modem, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with the Newtec Dialog platform at the heart of MENOSPLUS+.


As with all prospective equipment for MENOSPLUS+, the new antenna underwent extensive testing to ensure it met the standards of video quality and the speed-of-deployment demanded by ASBU. It passed with flying colors:

ASBU MENOS PLUS + platform

  • Traditional FNG kits transmit video at around 1Mb/s on average, with ASBU requiring 2Mb/s for a solution to be included in the MENOS PLUS+ platform. During the test process, the integrated solution from Newtec and JRC reached a solid 4Mb/s for video profiles other types of broadcast, with a whopping 6 Mb/s when using all available uplink power and link margin.
  • Furthermore, the equipment proved to be easy-to-use, lightweight and quick to set up, going from bag to broadcast-ready in just a couple of minutes. The solution also allows for direct file exchange, meaning that important production pieces such as autocues can be sent from central production directly to the terminal of the team in the field.
  • The team was able to test the system using an IP encoder backpack, mounted to a professional TV camera, which transmitted flawlessly and comfortably within ASBU’s parameters. With more companies opting to use this kind of IP based camera solutions to reduce their CAPEX, this integration with IP is crucial as it provides easier and more secure routing, as well as ensuring that the network is future-proof.

The partnership between JRC and Newtec enabled both parties to enhance their own technologies by combining them within this solution for MENOSPLUS+. For JRC, working with Newtec meant that it was able to introduce the DVB-S2 standard into its technology and being ready for DVB-S2X in the future - allowing it to use DVB-S2 SCPC complemented by MF-TDMA and Mx-DMA® return technologies – and the partnership allowed Newtec to make use of JRC’s flat array antennas, to provide a solution that is unique in the broadcast market. Depending on the satellite characteristics, different MODCODs can be used (for this modem type up to 32APSK).

Hisataka Igarashi“The partnership with Newtec was a natural fit for us as the company’s high standards of manufacture and reliability match closely with ours. Introducing Newtec’s modems to our flat array antenna has allowed us to use the DVB-S2 standard and ensure that our technologies are ready for the next generation of broadcast demands.”

Hisataka Igarashi, Executive Officer, Solution Business Division,
Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

Abdul Rahim Suleiman“Newtec’s technologies have performed beyond all expectations over the last years, forming a crucial part of our MENOS platform and ensuring that the exchange and contribution network runs smoothly and even more efficient for the new MENOSPLUS+. The latest flyaway innovation with JRC and Newtec will allow teams to broadcast to ASBU’s standards from remote locations across the Arab world quicker, faster by reducing CAPEX.”

Abdul Rahim Suleiman, Director General, ASBU

Yasir Ballal“At Mediacast International we recognize not only how liberating this technology is for the field production teams, but also how cost-effective it is in terms of reducing satellite bandwidth usage, security and link reliability, particularly with MCRs/NOCs remotely controlling both, the FNGs and adaptively optimizing satellite and data rate bandwidth. “

Yasir Ballal, Managing Director of Mediacast International, JRC’s partner

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