LAAD 2013 Rio De Janeiro: Keeping a Watchful Eye

Wednesday 17 April 2013
LAAD 2013 Rio De Janeiro: Keeping a Watchful Eye


photo: Visit from Belgian Defense Minister Pieter De Crem and Belgian Delegation


By Koen Willems

With a first successful participation to the LAAD exhibition behind us, I got a much better picture of what is going on in Latin America in the Government and Defense market. The mass attendance of the LAAD show in Rio nicely reflects the activity level in this region. The key words are Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance or ISR.

Facts and Figures on Brazil

In order to adequately describe the huge task Brazil is facing to protect their borders, to guarantee public safety during the upcoming events such as the FIFA World Cup  in 2014, the Olympic Games in 2016 and to fight crime (e.g. drug wars in favelas), let me highlight some interesting numbers and facts. 

  • Brazil has a total population of 193 million people. 20 million people live in the main cities of Săo Paolo, Rio and Salvador. In these cities around 12 million people live in favelas
  • Brazil has 10 neighboring countries with 16,885 km of border. The Brazilian coastline stretches over 7.491 km (what they call their Blue Amazon)
  • Brazil has a wide geographical diversity including the Amazon rainforest, mountain ranges and deserts coverings a vast 8.514.876 square kilometers of territory.

You can imagine that it takes some organizational skills to control such a huge country. The economical expansion and the upcoming sports events put Brazil in the spotlight.

Surveillance Communication over Satellite

The Brazilian federal government is investing in technology to reinforce surveillance and protection structures with a focus on the most vulnerable territories, from the middle of metropolitan Rio and Sao Paolo, to the coastline and the borders with neighboring countries. Moreover the immense stream of tourists and audiences need to be protected and controlled during the sport events too.

These high-tech investments include the implementation and the expansion of integrated video monitoring systems, with fixed and mobile cameras installed in cities, on surveillance planes in the air and at strategic locations.

In many cases these sites are located in remote and hostile places or are on-the-move with no access to a terrestrial communication infrastructure.  Hence, satellite is the most efficient way of communication to collect and distribute the surveillance video and sensor data.

Game on for Efficient Multi-Service ISR Networks

To make full use of an ISR backhaul network at maximum efficiency, the architecture and the choice of satcom technology are key. In a multi-service satellite network different remote ISR sources are linked over satellite with the multi-service hub in the command and control center.

As such CCTV cameras on borders, surveillance video from aircrafts and (face or number plate) recognition data at border gates are handled over one network. Each remote source brings different services over IP to the hub ranging from video to ISR sensor data and VoIP. The Newtec hub receives both bursty low rate data and high rate SCPC links.

ISR & Border Control Networks

As soon as the data is collected in the command and control center, it can be analyzed, processed or distributed. Through the Newtec Multicast technology, the information is shared with different entities (in the theatre) to closely monitor the situation at hand.

A multi-service ISR exchange network over satellite demands high efficiency in order to maintain appropriate bandwidth use to keep level with planned OPEX budgets. In order not to endanger the mission, maximum service availability is required as well. With Newtec’s FlexACM® and Cross-Layer-Optimization™ technologies double the amount of data can be sent in the same available bandwidth.  Even in an environment with adaptive throughput over satellite due to fading, shadowing or interference conditions (In Ku-, Ka-, X-band and inclined orbit satellites) maximum throughput and availability can be achieved without losing data or the satellite link.

LAAD Trade Fair

During LAAD2013 Intelligence, Surveillance and Recognition (or ISR) was the main topic of discussion at the Newtec booth. LAAD2013 is the most representative trade show for the Security and Defense sector in Latin America. More than 30.000 professionals and officials in the government and defense industry come to visit 700 exhibitors from 48 different countries.
As a member of the BSDI (Belgian Security and Defense Industry) Newtec shared the Belgian pavilion with other companies including Xenics, OIP, Cockerill and others. On the first day we received a visit (see picture) from Defense Minster Pieter De Crem and the Belgian Defense delegation. The delegation was in Latin America in order to promote the Belgian industry and to intensify international relations.


Best regards,


Koen Willems
Market Director Government & Defense