Modernizing Teleports to Meet the Demands of the Evolving (Broadcast) Landscape

Thursday 3 August 2017
Modernizing Teleports to Meet the Demands of the Evolving (Broadcast) Landscape
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As the needs of the connectivity market continue to evolve, it is imperative that teleports are agile enough to follow any changes. Solutions provided must now adapt to meet the needs of the modern teleport, which requires efficient and effective use of the available space segment to ensure that operators and service providers receive a cost effective and competitive solution.

Their requirements are developing rapidly, and Newtec is working with its customers provide flexible, scalable and efficient solutions that can prepare them for whatever comes next. 

The Role of a Modern Teleport

The modern teleport has a key role in providing the next generation of services that can be delivered by satellite, and teleport operators have to ensure the equipment they use can provide these services flexibly and efficiently. To fulfil its role in the network infrastructure, it is vital that the modern teleport is connected to high-speed fiber, with gigabit connectivity to the Internet and other services.

Modern teleports must place heavy emphasis on cloud-based systems and operate hand-in-hand with data center infrastructure to provide these services to their customers. With technology continuously shifting and dictating which markets are profitable, a teleport’s customers may have to change business strategies at short notice. Flexible and scalable platforms like our Newtec Dialog® platform can be deployed to adapt to these changes and integrate with cloud services, which can be ‘plugged in to’ to avoid unnecessary duplication of equipment.

Newtec Dialog platform

There is an increasing need for teleports to operate and host modern applications in a cost-effective way, which is driving the industry towards High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and spot beam operation. HTS require multiple teleports to handle the increased capacity, which has adapted the role of teleport operators, as the operator of the modern teleport needs to be able to co-operate with or act as an infrastructure provider to HTS operators.

Adaptive Technology for a Changing Landscape

Technology is continuously having to adapt to meet the changing content contribution and distribution needs of broadcasters, who are looking to find new ways to make the most of their existing space segment by deploying more performant, reliable and cost-effective ground segment solutions while also broadening their offering to tap into other lucrative markets.

Contribution channels – consisting of newsgathering or coverage of events - have a very occasional nature which benefits from effective use of its space segment. The way that live news events are covered has evolved dramatically in recent years and this has brought new demands on newsgathering equipment. Broadcasters are no longer simply tasked with providing live video - they are required to provide crews with an environment at a remote site that replicates a studio, which requires an all-IP bi-directional pipe that can provide sizeable and reliable bandwidth. Modern teleports can lead this migration to all-IP, where business models move from MHz based to Mbps pay-as-you-go packages. Platforms such as Newtec Dialog can accommodate for these occasional use operations by providing tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations, while remaining compatible with an existing teleport ecosystem.

As distribution channels can be stable for an extended period, efficiency and availability are key factors. Broadcasters now need to provide consistent availability while squeezing additional channels into a space segment that is decreasing in size. Newtec helps teleport providers by delivering solutions that allow the teleport’s customers - such as Direct-to-Home (DTH) operators - deploy solutions that address these challenges, both for an existing base of set top boxes and those capable of handling the next generation of 4K content.

Due to advancements in broadcast, events and programming are becoming available in UHD directly into homes and consumer expectations are increased by the wide-spread availability of 4K televisions, the higher bitrates required to deliver these services mean increased efficiency gains will be crucial as service providers look to make the most of their current equipment.

Newtec has considered these advancements within its solutions such as the MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway supporting DVB-S2X and Channel Bonding, which has been designed to enable broadcasters to access efficient video distribution of UHDTV and prepare them for the next generation of broadcast.

As the needs of the market evolve, it is important that teleports are agile enough to follow. The requirements of operators and service providers are likely to develop rapidly in the coming years and Newtec’s flexible, scalable and efficient solutions can help prepare them for whatever comes next.

Being flexibile, scalable and agile, was also pointed out as key in the recent article published by Shawn Liew of APB "Teleport Continues to Provide Key Connectivity Matrix for Global Audiences", who has interviewed STN PLC, Telstra Broadcasting Services and Newtec.