Newtec at IBC2017 Preview: Embracing Transitions in Satcom

Tuesday 18 July 2017
Newtec at IBC2017 Preview: Embracing Transitions in Satcom


  • Are you ready to leverage all-IP to enter the new era of newsgathering?
  • How to maximize the benefits of new HTS technologies?
  • Are you prepared for the Multiservice era?

Newtec’s range of solutions for broadcast and mobility - on show at IBC 2017 - harness the improved efficiencies and throughputs delivered by High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and spot beam technology to deliver high-quality services for operators and service providers alike.

Visit Newtec in hall 1 at stand A49 to find out more about how its solutions can prepare you for the next generation of services.

Transitions in BroadcastBoosting SNG through all-IP

The way that live news events are covered has evolved dramatically in recent years, and this has brought new demands on newsgathering equipment. A newsgathering crew now requires instantaneous access to multiple applications, including Voice-over-IP, video clip transfer, web and archive browsing, email and social media, as well as content management services.

All of these applications require a reliable bi-directional IP multiservice communication link of sizeable bandwidth which can allow those on-location to operate like they were in the studio. To do this, available networks can be bonded together to ensure enough bandwidth is available to handle all the required applications.

Newtec Dialog® allows operators and service providers to leverage the power of IP and offer a variety of services on a single platform while providing a solution to the most common challenges faced by broadcast crews. The platform allows the satellite link to dynamically scale to higher bandwidths when terrestrial bandwidth becomes contended, while Newtec’s Mx-DMA® technology combines the flexibility of MF-TDMA and the efficiency of SCPC, avoiding the problems of satellite link outage, packet loss and space segment fragmentation.

Deliver Tomorrow’s Television Today

As more and more events and programming becomes available in ultra-high definition (UHD) directly into homes and consumer expectations are increased by the wide-spread availability of 4K televisions, the higher bitrates required to deliver these services mean increased efficiency gains will be crucial as service providers look to make the most of their current equipment.

Channel Bonding is one such method of optimization, using the DVB-S2X transmission standard to split a transport stream into two or three parts over the satellite and recomposing it on the receive side, combining multiple carriers into one large enough to handle the rigors of UHD transmission.

With the MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway supporting DVB-S2X and Channel Bonding, Newtec provides its customers the equipment needed for efficient video distribution of UHDTV and preparing them for the next generation of broadcast.

Next Generation Technology for Next Generation Satellites

The number of HTS is continuing to grow, bringing the benefits of increasing reliability and lower costs. However, ground segment technologies must keep pace with the developments in the space segment in order for the true potential of HTS to be realized.

Release 2.1 of the Newtec Dialog multiservice platform delivers the high throughput, high density and carrier grade solutions required to ensure flexibility, scalability and efficiency. Each hub model offers flexibility and modularity, facilitating the growth of networks and addition of services by allowing customers to start with an initial investment and then extend their platform as they grow.

DVB-S2X Wideband Modem PortfolioThe latest upgrades to the platform - including Newtec Dialog XIF hub and MDM2210 and MDM3310 IP Satellite Modems - are geared towards the multiservice era, allowing customers to combine the most appropriate modems with the most efficient return technologies to address a wide range of applications within a single platform.

The modems complete Newtec’s DVB-S2X wideband portfolio, delivering high performance and ease-of-use that addresses the needs of end-customers in vertical markets such as consumer,

enterprise, cellular backhaul, government and mobility. With wideband DVB-S2X, customers can now fully benefit from unprecedented efficiencies and throughputs enabled by HTS spot beam satellites.

Newtec at IBC2017
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