Newtec CCO Interviewed

Sunday 29 November 2015
Newtec CCO Interviewed
Thomas Van Den Driessche, CCO at Newtec, discusses the company's successes and the deployment of new technology with InBroadcast's Ashley Blankenship


Ashley Blankenship at InBroadcast has interviewed Thomas Van den Driessche, Chief Commercial Officer at Newtec. Thomas discusses Newtec's technology developments and successes. This interview was done during CCW+SATCON in New York, November 2015.

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AB - InterviewCould you describe what your company’s focus is?


Thomas: Yes, so Newtec is designing, manufacturing and producing satellite communications equipment for different vertical markets. Of course, we are here at  CCW+SATCON, which is somewhat broadcast focussed so about 50 percent of what we do is media related and the other 50 percent is more IP, High Throughput Satellite, Mobility, Cellular Backhaul and so on.

And what’s the latest in satellite transmission technology?


Thomas: This year we have deployed some very significant satellite transmission changes – namely we have been instrumental in defining and developing DVB-S2X, the next generation DVB standard and we are deploying that as we speak. We were also one of the first to put it into the VSAT systems.

Next to that we have an extremely efficient new technology called Mx-DMA™ – Cross-Dimensional Multiple Access technology – which is a somewhat dynamic SCPC technology. It typically scores extremely well in Occasional Use, Media, Flyaways and Satellite News Gathering, but also in IP-based traffic, like cellular backhaul, Oil & Gas and the Mobility market. This is a technology which is about 50 percent more efficient than common MF-DMA or common SCPC technologies so we’re really excited about that – it’s going to be quite disruptive in our market.

And what’s been Newtec’s biggest success up to this point?

ThomasThomas: So, up to this point, this year, I think one of the biggest successes is signing up contracts for High Throughput Satellites (HTS) – the ground equipment. We see a lot of verticalization in that, a consolidation of the value chain which requires ground equipment which is multiservice and can handle different applications. We just announced the fact that we have won a bid on the YAHSAT 3 – the new ground segment for YAHSAT which is a pretty big HTS platform and we are expecting some more of that this year.

On the media side, we are engaged with the likes of Intelsat on their prism service and also with Network Innovations and its MAVERICK service – so, two new video network, media network based satellite systems. At the core of that is Newtec Dialog, our multi-service broadcast technology for media.

Have you faced any challenges with that along the way that you have had to overcome?

Thomas: Yes, on the media side we are changing from a transmission, a satellite transmission scope to a more fully network scope with scheduling, automation and everything you expect in an advanced network for advanced services. So we are working away a little bit from the more conservative approach, which has been very successful over the years, to a more advanced but a more efficient scope. So, it is a challenge but people seem to be very convinced that this is the right way to go.

What’s new for Newtec at the show this year?

Thomas: So, some of these technologies we are introducing right now are new – the DVB-S2X, the Mx-DMA, some of the broadcast media stuff. We are also introducing higher speed modems on our VSAT platforms so, being Newtec we continuously introduce new things here.