Newtec’s Session Highlights at IBC2017

Thursday 31 August 2017
Newtec’s Session Highlights at IBC2017


As part of IBC2017, we will bring some of the satellite industry’s leading experts together to discuss the latest trends and evolutions. Our IBC sessions on Saturday, September 16, will feature insightful presentations, including from Avanti Communications, Cobham SATCOM, COMSYS, Dejero, Intelsat, LeoSat, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, SES Networks and Telesat.

Along with Newtec experts, these delegates will discuss some of the hottest topics affecting the whole satellite ecosystem, from advanced IP newsgathering and providing sustainable broadband to improve people’s futures, to HTS mobile VSAT networks and the latest LEO or MEO constellations, we have no doubt participants will enjoy a lively discussion:

Mobility meets Efficiency: Transitioning your mobile VSAT Networks to HTS

MobilityAs the advent of HTS promises more bandwidth at lower costs for mobile VSAT operators, our first session will look at how maximizing the benefits of these new satellites will require some important changes on the ground.

Attendees will learn how the Newtec Dialog® platform can boost your mobile VSAT networks with technologies like DVB-S2X, Mx-DMA® and the Newtec Dialog Mobility Manager. Here, we will be joined by a special guest speaker, David Bruner from the Panasonic Avionics Corporation, who will join our VP of Market Development Kevin McCarthy on stage.

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Connected Communities: Delivering sustainable broadband and education to Sub-Saharan Africa

ConnectivityOur attention will turn to Sub-Saharan Africa for the second session. This region has the world’s fastest-growing population, with more than one billion people living there today and predictions forecasting that will double by 2050. It also has one of the largest youth populations – up to 70% of the population are under the age of 30. Currently, 49% of primary school-aged children across Africa will probably never attend school and fewer than 20% of African women complete their education. This directly impacts employment rates, with up to 60% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s unemployed being between the ages of 15 and 24.

Avanti’s vision is to connect communities and schools across the Middle East and Africa and improve educational outcomes for students and young adults through its high-speed connectivity and eLearning programs. Our ECO initiative is a radical technical and commercial proposition that provides broadband internet connectivity to millions across Africa. ECO combines Avanti’s and Newtec’s innovative world-leading technology to provide sustainable broadband to schools while serving entire communities with Wi-Fi hotspots. By introducing sustainable connectivity and eLearning programs, we will help communities to develop, prosper and create connected futures, enabling the potential of millions across Africa.

This session with Erik Childerhouse, Principal Consultant at Avanti Communications, and Jo De Loor, Market Director for HTS and Enterprise at Newtec, will explore the ECO initiative and highlight how we, together, can make a positive change in Africa.

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Transitions in Broadcast: Advanced IP Newsgathering

NewsgatheringOf course, we couldn’t host seminars at IBC without discussing the broadcast industry, with specific focus on advanced IP newsgathering. The way that live news events are covered has evolved dramatically in recent years, and this is placing new demands on newsgathering equipment.

Our Broadcast Market Director Hans Massart will explain how broadcasters can leverage the power of IP to transmit video, voice and other services more efficiently over a single multiservice communication link. He will be joined by Peter Ostapiuk, Head of Media Product Services and Management at Intelsat, who will provide an overview of the IntelsatOne Prism product evolution, and Dejero’s founder Bogdan Frusina, who will discuss a new solution which makes it easier to decide which video transport asset to deploy.

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LEO, MEO: New Orbits on the Horizon

Leo/MeoLast but not least, our concluding panel session will look at the growing prominence of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) platforms and the advent of LEO and MEO constellations, which are bringing a complex set of challenges to the satellite industry as a whole.

Everyone is trying to find synergies between this latest evolution of the payload and their current technologies so they can exploit the increased performance it can offer. An important factor to remember with this innovation in space is that it must be matched on the ground. If the ground segment doesn’t keep pace with the fast-moving HTS and LEO technologies, we as an industry will never realize their full potential impact. Most of these new innovations are disruptive in some way, meaning that this must be reflected in the ground segment technology if the premium services they enable are to be delivered. With so many different technologies in the marketplace, operators and service providers need their ground segments to have this synergy with each of them to ensure that they aren’t the weak link in the chain.

Moderated by Susan Bull (COMSYS), this session with Diederik Kelder, LeoSat’s Chief Strategy Officer; Steve Collar, SES Networks’ CEO; John Phillips, Cobham SATCOM's Vice President/General Manager; Kevin McCarthy, Newtec’s VP of Market Development; and Michel Forest, Telesat's Director of Engineering, will answer all the obvious questions, such as: LEO, MEO – fact or fiction? When will it happen? What are the applications? What are the challenges?

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