Overcoming Cellular Network Congestion

Wednesday 26 September 2018
Overcoming Cellular Network Congestion


When Canadian crews from Global TV needed to capture the high-profile Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018, they were surrounded by nearly a hundred thousand visitors, busy live streaming and posting photos back to their friends and families around the world, congesting cellular networks.

Dejero CellSat enabled Global TV to deliver seven hours of on-location, live coverage of the Royal Wedding by optimizing connectivity sources that were available in the vicinity.

No more Connectivity Worries

Time and resources are extremely limited in high-profile events like the Royal Wedding, where there are thousands of spectators, or the Pyeongchang winter games in South Korea, where crews were tasked with interviewing athletes at the bottom of the slopes. Their single biggest concern? Connectivity.

Remote crews, no matter how well equipped, need to be able to do their jobs quickly and easily without having to worry about technical complications. Connectivity technologies such as cellular, microwave, and satellite systems all have their relative merits and challenges. No single delivery technology is perfect, but combining the best attributes of these technologies can give broadcasters improved relaibility to go live.

What if you could choose when to use cellular, when to use satellite, or a combination of both? Or even better, have a system that chooses for you – intelligently optimizing connectivity to transport live video economically without compromising on quality or reliability?

Intelligent Network Blending

The award-winning Dejero CellSat solution provides enhanced reliability in situations where cellular networks are congested or cellular coverage is limited. CellSat intelligently blends cellular connectivity from multiple mobile network carriers with Intelsat’s Ku-band IP satellite connectivity to provide the necessary bandwidth on demand to deliver exceptional picture quality and greater reliability while on location. 

"The beauty of using Dejero CellSat is that it offers the ability to blend multiple connections and get increased reliability at a big event like the Royal Wedding. It’s great that we can use our existing video over IP workflow."
Mark Blanchard, Manager, Network Services, Global Television Canada

CellSat users don’t have to book satellite time – it is simply available to boost bandwidth when they need, at the push of a button. To achieve this, Dejero CellSat can be tightly integrated with a self-acquiring IP modem such as Newtec’s MDM3310 powered by the unique Mx-DMA® technology, part of the Newtec Dialog® platform. Mx-DMA combines the best of SCPC and TDMA to flexibly and seamlessly manage bandwidth on demand, while avoiding fragmentation of space segment.

The system also intelligently manages and blends the satellite connection with the available cellular connections. This enables Dejero to provide the aggregated bandwidth that delivers additional reliability when broadcasting live from the field.

The Dejero CellSat solution provided the additional bandwidth needed for Global TV to deliver exceptional coverage of the monumental Royal Wedding. With reliable connectivity, crews had confidence in their ability to deliver high-quality content for their viewers eagerly watching every moment back in Canada.

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Yvonne Monterroso,
Director, Product Management at Dejero



Dejero CellSat now includes a midstream activation feature, simplifying switching between cellular-only and CellSat transmission paths, without having to stop and restart the transmission. CellSat midstream activation puts greater cost control in the hands of broadcasters when contributing high-quality video content from the field. In addition to video transport up to 20 Mbit/s with Dejero HEVC-capable encoders, the CellSat blended connectivity service also enables data transport for applications such as email and Internet access.

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