Quantis Makes Waves with Newtec Dialog®

Friday 6 November 2015
Quantis Makes Waves with Newtec Dialog®
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By David Carmona, Mobility Services Manager at Quantis


As one of Europe’s leading service providers in the satellite telecommunications sector, we at Quantis are constantly assessing and addressing areas offering potential growth. Maritime communications, for example, is a competitively-congested area, with many operators offering an increasingly wide range of services.

Cruise - super yacht shipping

The question for us, is what could we do in this sector to distinguish ourselves from our competitors? Having successfully offered capacity for many years, we know that this is no longer enough for customers – instead they want a full end-to-end solution.

This is exactly what our new OpenSea (see commercial coverage map on the right, click to enlarge) offering provides, along with the highest quality standards, international maintenance, 24x7 service and global VSAT coverage VSAT.This is exactly what our new OpenSea (see commercial coverage map on the right, click to enlarge) offering provides, along with the highest quality standards, international maintenance, 24x7 service and global VSAT coverage VSAT.

Newtec DialogEntering New Markets

In order to deliver this, we have tuned to Newtec, a company which we already have a long and fruitful partnership with thanks to the assistance it gives us in providing satellite coverage over Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our collaboration was extended further in September, when we ordered a Newtec Dialog® multiservice platform to complement our existing satellite infrastructure, enabling broadband to be delivered to 4,000 schools in Morocco.

What the platform also allowed us to do was to look at expanding our interests into other high-value markets. With the multiservice options that Newtec Dialog® offers, the decision to enter the maritime market with OpenSea was made much easier, as we already had the technology and infrastructure in place to address multiple verticals within a single platform.

Managing Increased Service Demands

This quality also makes addressing the maritime market very easy. Although maritime communications might be viewed as simply delivering broadband to boats, each customer has its own needs and requirements. For example, there is an ever-increasing demand for data coming from smartphones and mobile devices, meaning we are dealing with many bandwidth-hungry services such as VoIP and video streaming, alongside the usual requirements from internet and email access.

With Newtec Dialog®, we can double the throughput in the same amount of bandwidth, meaning the service remains efficient and cost-effective, while still providing the desired user experience for the passengers and crew.

Plain Sailing Ahead

By connecting everything to this single hub – which is also equipped with Newtec’s Mx-DMA™ technology – we are able to handle video, voice and data traffic in an extremely efficient way, as well as ensure reliable two-way IP connectivity through a flexible, scalable unit.

Mx-DMA is Newtec’s latest and most advanced return technology. It combines the efficiency of SCPC with the dynamic bandwidth allocation capabilities of MF-TDMA. Mx-DMA is perfectly suited for maritime applications, because it is fully adaptive. This ensures optimal RF performance as vessels sail around a satellite footprint or through varying weather conditions. Typical Mx-DMA efficiency gains exceed 50%, relative to MF-TDMA.

Meanwhile, through Newtec's multicasting software and File Exchange Manager, we can push content from the hub towards on-the-move platforms and offshore rigs – immediately resulting in OPEX savings.

With these technologies, and Newtec on board, we can confidently say our maritime customers can be assured of a smooth journey ahead.

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P.S.: to read more about Quantis’ Maritime service visit: https://www.quantis-global.com/es/servicios-via-satelite/movilidad-maritimo-y-aeronautico/maritimo

David Carmona

Mobility Services Manager at Quantis

Newtec's Maritime BusinessNewtec’s Maritime Applications

The mobility, offshore and maritime applications nowadays are confronted with increased demand for higher data throughputs to support bandwidth-consuming services such as video conferencing, internet access, VOIP, E-mail and media streaming. These services come on top of the standard communications on board ships, trains, airplanes and offshore platforms and are required either to increase operational efficiency, to recruit new personnel or to satisfy passenger demands and avoid churn.

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