Reach For The Sky - How We Take Care Of Customers

Wednesday 11 April 2018
Reach For The Sky - How We Take Care Of Customers


In a market where consumer demands are only on the increase and 24-hour availability is the norm rather than the exception, an instantaneous response and solution in the event of service downtime is a must.

Real-time Response

For operators, this adds further pressure to their operations, especially when considering the different equipment a single network often incorporates. Adding to this pressure are stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which could require a response and/or resolution to an issue within a certain amount of time since it was first reported.

When a technical fault threatens to interrupt an end-user’s connection, whether it be minor or critical, being prepared to respond in real-time is key.

This is why Newtec has developed “Care Plan,” a wide range of maintenance and support services which protect an installed base at network level. These can be formed around standardized service components to meet the individual business requirements that providers can offer in order to optimize their services.

Day-to-day Support

Care Plan builds on the expert support Newtec provides from the moment a customer places an order. For each project, a dedicated manager is assigned to review the order and ensure the solution being provided is in line with the customer’s expectations. Once implementation begins, this manager remains very involved with the project, overseeing every stage, including via site visits and testing.

Once the project is up and running and the relevant training has been provided, customers are left with a first-class solution and all the knowledge they need to operate the installed equipment. However, to ease their operations further, Newtec’s Care Plan offering can provide further support to ensure any network issues are dealt with smoothly and SLAs are upheld. It also provides support with new network configurations or customer profiles, ensuring any new requests are dealt with efficiently with no disruption to day-to-day operations. The latest software updates and feature upgrades are also included within the plan, with Newtec engineers carrying out this work to ensure a quick and successful process. 

Depending on the needs of a business, three pre-defined service levels are available. Care Plan Basic provides cover during business hours to support and maintain hardware and software systems with standard SLA-based response and restoration. Care Plan Enhanced includes the same cover with higher SLAs and remote installation of software upgrades by Newtec engineers. Care Plan Premium also includes this service, as well as 24-hour emergency technical support, seven days a week to support operators with customers around the world.

Worldwide Repair Centers

In the unlikely event the downtime is caused by a fault with the equipment, Newtec’s Care Plan also ensures products are fixed quickly by providing access to regional support centers. Additionally, Care Plan provides advance replacement of products, ensuring disruption is kept to an absolute minimum by reducing the export and import time. This also ensures costefficient repairs by minimizing shipping costs.

Specific, ad-hoc interventions can also be ordered, such as remote preventative maintenance and on-site corrective interventions in the field. The platform can be accessed by raising a Service Request or ticket via the Service Desk tool, email or phone. Support engineers can then remotely access a provider’s system from the Newtec premises to assess the problem and quickly provide a solution to critical and non-critical incidents. To reflect an ever-changing market, additional, extended or emergency service desk windows can be provided to meet specific needs.

Care Plan in Practice

Let me give you one example in my region. One customer using Care Plan is Skyreach, a national telecommunication solution provider which operates a satellite-based infrastructure in Indonesia. The company’s end-to-end solutions cover variousapplications used in multiple industries, from maritime, media, energy and natural-resources to telco and governments. All of which often involve different, intricate SLAs.

Skyreach first upgraded its infrastructure to incorporate a Newtec Dialog® hub and DVB-S2-enabled MDM3100 modems, featuring 5% roll-offs, a few years ago. Since then, Newtec has provided day-to-day support to enterprise projects and a second hub has been installed with plans to extend the network in the future.

Part of Skyreach’s offering is to agree SLAs with customers, setting out within how many hours Skyreach should solve any issues that occur and ensuring a long-term solution is provided to avoid future disruption.

“Thanks to Newtec’s Care Plan package, we can be assured that we can continuously meet service level agreements – no matter what technical support is needed and when.”

Jo Rudy Haryoto, founder and CEO at Skyreach



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