Satellite Backhaul: How to Address the Challenges of Small Cells and 4G over Satellite?

Sunday 21 June 2015
Satellite Backhaul: How to Address the Challenges of Small Cells and 4G over Satellite?


During the CommunicAsia show 2015 in June, we had a corner in our booth which was devoted to mobile backhaul. We also had a live demo which attracted a lot of customers and visitors who wanted to see how Newtec's innovative Newtec Dialog® with its ecosystem uniquely addresses the challenges of Small Cell and 4G over satellite.

The core of the Newtec mobile backhaul solution relies on the Newtec Dialog platform which brings:

  • quality of service,
  • flexibility and
  • efficiency.

The patented Mx-DMA™ return technology constitutes the piece de resistance. Along this we have associated an acceleration, byte caching and compression technology to further enhance efficiency (up to 40% additional savings) and user experience (blazing speed).

Cellular Backhaul with Newtec Solution


  1. Semir of Newtec explains the backhaul solutionSuch performance requires that the GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) which encapsulates the communication between the eNb/Small Cell and the S-GW/SGSN be opened. The TCP protocol stack then becomes accessible and therefore be accelerated: the end user sees a much faster response to his requests over his mobile device.
  2. Secondly the byte caching feature recognizes any repeated patterns in the flow of user data. It is also able to assess if there is a difference in previously sent information in which case it only sends over satellite the part which is new. This saves additional bandwidth and also speeds the access to content for the consumer.
  3. Lastly the compression of other protocol stacks adds more savings: think of VoLTE where the header in the packets occupies significant number of bytes which can be reduced by 80%!

Having a live demo provided an opportunity for our customers to see that small cell/4G over satellite is a reality which the end users can appreciate immediately, and which can add revenue to mobile operators in remote areas.

For more information consult our application page:

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P.S.: We have further validated Mx-DMA and Newtec Dialog at Vodafone Innovation Park Lab in Germany. This test campaign re-affirmed benefits of highly efficient and patented return technology along with Newtec Dialog’s features for the mobile backhaul market

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