Satellite concrete steps towards 5G over satellite

Friday 17 May 2019
Satellite concrete steps towards 5G over satellite


5G is set to revolutionize lives. It will create a multitude of services and applications in a number of areas from health and transport through to machine-to-machine communications. However, the technology will only be as good as the infrastructure that powers it. Many of the identified use cases will also require significant capacity, which is precisely what 5G is addressing, deploying twice the amount of radios sites, and a new architecture with new Radio Access Network (RAN) (Radio Access Network) and Core network components. This new architecture will take advantage of newer radio access technologies using very high frequencies (mmWave) and Massive MIMO (Multiple Input-Multiple Output). Additionally, 3GPP has defined a service-based architecture where flexibility and dynamic adjustments are the key drivers to meet performance and cost requirements. This architecture defines network functions which can be triggered by other services, leveraging virtualization and network slicing.

The Impact on Satellite Solutions

Satellite solutions need to evolve and jump onto the 5G bandwagon. The main impact takes place on the architecture. Here, virtualization and Software Defined Networking (SDN) become key. Satellite ground infrastructure equipment will need to be deployed in a cloud environment, both at the gateway and at the remote. Quality of service will need to be managed dynamically, sometimes with the help of Artificial Intelligence, to fulfill the requirements of multiple and diverse applications. Orchestration will facilitate the interworking with the terrestrial world. Lastly, the numerous new LEO and MEO constellations will further enrich the use case portfolio.

Virtualization and Orchestration in Newtec Dialog®

Newtec has therefore decided to anticipate these 5G needs. In February, Newtec announced its collaboration with Wind River, a pioneer in the delivery of software for intelligent, connected systems. By using Wind River’s Titanium Cloud virtualization platform, Newtec is developing a 5G solution based on the Newtec Dialog® multiservice platform. The Wind River Titanium Cloud platform delivers the features needed to successfully build and deploy a virtualized network running multiple Virtual Machines.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) promises lower-cost, highly flexible and scalable infrastructure, as well as providing customers with the ability to get better service access anywhere in the world. The combination of Newtec Dialog with Wind River’s Titanium Cloud platform allows customers and service providers to scale services up or down quickly to address changing needs. It also simplifies the architecture and enhances scalability which is paramount for 5G. A number of use-cases for 5G over satellite require close interworking with terrestrial mobile networks where NFV/ SDN technologies are becoming key and satellite architecture must leverage network orchestration, virtualization and slicing functions to offer a truly seamless connectivity service.

The same architecture principles will be also leveraged in Newtec’s terminals in the near future, paving the way for a 5G solution addressing Mobile Backhaul, OTT Broadcast, Broadband and Mobility markets. Newtec is at the forefront of developments for 5G over satellite. Its demonstrated leadership in ultra-high performance satellite systems and industry-leading bandwidth efficiency technology is further reinforced via these latest initiatives in 5G.

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Concrete steps towards 5G over satellite