Satellite Network Calculator: Optimize OPEX

Friday 5 October 2018
Satellite Network Calculator: Optimize OPEX


The calculation of link budgets and other parameters has always been the preserve of highly specialized engineers, but Newtec has developed a tool that enables easy calculation of very complex scenarios that facilitates better understanding of the business case to engineers and of technical aspects to executives.

At Newtec, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can enable our customers to create better services. We want the technologies that we provide to have a positive impact upon their businesses – and this was foremost in our mind when we created the Satellite Network Calculator. This is a tool that provides instant insight into the performance and potential of a satellite network, based on the capabilities of Newtec hub and modem products. The information is presented in a graphical and intuitive way and it encompasses network configurations from single beam to large multi-beam constellations.

Turn the Technical into a Business Case and Optimize OPEX

The satellite environment is a very technical one, but we realize that this is just one part of a business. We wanted to make sure that the technical aspects could be understood clearly by non-technical staff in order obtain more information and insight about the trade-offs that Newtec products offer. This, in turn, helps customers to better match their definition of a new network or to design a more efficient satellite, as well as reducing Operating Expenditure (OPEX).

Multi-Use Resource

The Satellite Network Calculator has proved invaluable for satellite operator, Kacific, that started to use the resource a few months ago and discovered that it had many more uses than simply a link budget calculator. "We just recently used it to optimize the forward and return repeater paths of the satellite payload in a more efficient way," said Bob Perpall, CTO, Kacific. "Satellite Network Calculator would have been useful to have during the initial design phase but it was especially helpful for the repeater gain alignment discussions we just had."

The intuitive display of data particularly appealed to the Kacific team. "The graphical presentation allowed for clear understanding and made explanations easier," continued Perpall.

The multi-use aspect of the Satellite Network Calculator also meant that Kacific did not need to employ several tools. "Too often there are too many different tools needed whereas Satellite Network Calculator seems to replace multiple tools into one user interface," said Perpall. "Going forward we will use Satellite Network Calculator for our traffic planning and customer sales engineering services".


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