Serving Customers Without Compromise

Friday 21 September 2018
Serving Customers Without Compromise


As our customers’ needs shift, so too does our technology – which is why we have expanded our modem portfolio to include the MDM5010, addressing very high throughput data rates and ensuring we can provide a solution suitable for every market.

The Multiservice Era

With uncertainty and change marking the satellite market, the industry is well-versed in the benefits of multiservice platforms. Taking away the guesswork around which markets will provide the best return on investment, multiservice operations enable multiple markets to be served from a single platform.

Addressing multiple vertical markets often results in high operating costs and a large amount of complexity, which used to mean compromises – but today, thanks to various technological innovations, our customers can serve a wide range of markets, from broadband access to very high-speed mobility, without compromising on cost or complexity.

Future-proof Operations

So how can they do this? The answer is through our comprehensive DVB-S2X-enabled modem portfolio which we are completing by launching the MDM5010 Satellite Modem.

This very high-throughput modem – capable of handling more than 500 Mbps of traffic – enables network operators to get the most out of any available satellite with any transponder size. It supports a diverse range of IP services, including Internet/Intranet access, VoIP, backbones for mobile backhauling and trunking to fiber restoral/backup services, contribution and multicasting services.

This, along with the modem’s high spectral efficiency, high packet and bit rate capability, and ability to deliver high return speeds in shared capacity, makes it ideal for bandwidth-intensive services in the enterprise, backhauling, offshore and maritime markets. And with throughput demands expected to further increase in this area, a software upgrade is available, future-proofing the product against our rapidly changing satellite market.

Flexible and Scalable

From broadband and broadcast to cellular backhaul and high-speed mobility, the MDM5010 joins the rest of our modem portfolio. Combined with our Newtec Dialog® multiservice platform, the range of market segments that can be served is extended to include high rate applications – and all without compromises.

With some markets, such as Government and Defense, requiring dedicated purpose-built terminals, we have also developed a DVB-S2X satellite modem board. This allows terminal suppliers to integrate the capabilities of our modems into their specific terminals, further widening the number of applications that can be addressed by Newtec Dialog. 

Newtec’s DVB-S2X Wideband Modem Portfolio as part of the Newtec Dialog platform with the new MDM5010 Satellite Modem: A clear answer to the market's ever-increasing throughput.



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