Speedcast success in multiple markets

Friday 17 May 2019
Speedcast success in multiple markets


Speedcast is a company with many strings to its bow, serving multiple sectors from energy to cruise to mining to government and humanitarian users. As the largest managed critical communications service provider in the world, with the most extensive access to satellite capacity globally, its users rely upon its solutions to provide connectivity to the most hard-to-reach regions on the planet. Speedcast offers fully-managed services delivered via a global, multiaccess technology, multi-band and multi-orbit network of 80 satellites and an interconnecting global terrestrial network, bolstered by extensive on-the-ground local support from over 40 countries.

Speedcast and Newtec: Some Highlights

Newtec and Speedcast have forged a strong partnership that has been built upon enabling reliable, efficient connectivity for remote sites all over the world for a variety of different applications. For example, in 2016, Speedcast deployed Newtec Dialog® at its Singapore teleport which enabled its customer, the Asian Development Bank, to connect its remote office sites back to its Manila headquarters. In addition, Speedcast also deployed Newtec equipment at six sites in Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Papa New Guinea and Timor Leste, with Newtec modems added in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu’s Asia Development Bank offices.

Speedcast is currently deploying Newtec equipment in other regions such as the Cook Islands where it is replacing the existing international hub termination service with a new domestic hub for data, voice, domestic terrestrial television distribution and cellular backhaul. The hub replacement will improve connectivity services for residents of the Cook Islands’ remote outer islands. Speedcast will deliver the service with Bluesky, a primary provider of telecommunications services in the Cook Islands.

With a new Newtec Dialog hub solution by Speedcast, Cook Islands, residents on the outer islands will have significantly improved capability to connect to friends, family, health services and businesses on the main island, Rarotonga, and to the rest of the world. The new hub will also lay the framework for future network services, such as new and expanded cellular services like 3G and 4G.

Newtec is also working with Speedcast in the Antarctic, providing VSAT bandwidth, equipment and installation including training, ground station upgrades and repositioning and network optimization. Newtec's high-speed modems (MDM6000 Satellite Modem) have also been incorporated to ensure barrier-breaking efficiency and maximum availability.

Performed last year, the upgrades enable four times more throughput thanks to the modem’s combination of Newtec technologies along with the latest transmission standard, DVB-S2X. The highly efficient modems have been installed at both ends of the point-to-point satellite link, connecting the four Antarctic bases and the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) headquarters. Speedcast also utilizes Newtec equipment for oil platform connectivity and to connect cruise ships in Australia and the USA, both of which are important market segments for the company.

Speedcast Media Network – Going Beyond Content Delivery

Enabled by its recent acquisition of Globecomm, Speedcast is also focused on the expansion of its global Speedcast Media Network™ which integrates satellite, fiber and cellular networks to provide secure, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint live and linear digital video delivery anywhere in the world, with low latency and high availability. By adding Globecomm’s multi-platform processing and content management capabilities to the cloud video processing that Speedcast Media Network already offers, the company is truly enabling increased efficiency and agility for any sized media organization.

The combined hybrid network backbone and cloud video processing services offering from Speedcast Media Network is ideal for transporting video and data content from any origination source to any destination — in any format for multiple platforms — and for everything from aggregation and contribution to integrated channel playout, OTT streaming and distribution. Given the shift in consumer viewing habits to TV on-demand anywhere and on multiple devices, this is an important move for Speedcast. Speedcast Media Network’s efficient delivery of live and linear digital video for multi-platform playout and broadcast-quality streaming and distribution — anytime, anywhere on any device — will help drive business growth for media companies.

Speedcast and Newtec will expand their partnership to fully encompass and to drive forward Speedcast’s capabilities in the media segment. Broadcast transmission is essential to successful content distribution and satellite can deliver content over very large geographical areas, is easily scaled, offers increasing resolutions and bitrates, is available to remote sites and can be used to offload terrestrial backbones.

With huge demand for live content and special events and the rise of OTT, Speedcast and Newtec look forward to addressing new demands of content and staying at the cutting edge of innovation in the field. The future holds much to look forward to and we are looking forward to a partnership that will flourish, enabling continued success in multiple market segments.

Left to right: Kerstin Roost, Strategic Partnerships Operations Manager at Newtec; Toni Lee Rudnicki, Vice President, Global Marketing at Speedcast; Els Baele, Marketing Communications Director at Newtec; Penny Stalhut, Global Media and Channels Marketing at Speedcast

Left to right: Kerstin Roost, Strategic Partnerships Operations Manager at Newtec; Toni Lee Rudnicki, Vice President, Global Marketing at Speedcast; Els Baele, Marketing Communications Director at Newtec; Penny Stalhut, Global Media and Channels Marketing at Speedcast


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