Sweet Success

Sunday 4 October 2015
Sweet Success
'Wanted Alive' reward: Belgian Chocolates


As Newtec celebrates its 30th anniversary, the differences between the company when it was first founded and today are vast. From the number of colleagues to the number and variety of products and technologies we offer, we are incredibly proud of how we have grown. And we are thankful for all of our customers and partners around the world.

But among all this change, one factor stands out as being just as important now as it ever was – reliability.

Our #AliveSince85 Quest

It was with this in mind that we launched our ‘Wanted Alive’ campaign – a hunt for the oldest piece of Newtec equipment still in use. All companies had to do was tell us what old product they were using and when they had purchased it.

The response we received to this request – both in terms of the number of replies and the feedback on our equipment – was overwhelming. Not only were there hundreds of examples of our equipment still in use but for many, many years, and in some cases even decades, it was also continuing to make a real difference to our customers.

Serge Van HerckAnd The Winner Is…

With so many entries, knowing there could only be one winner was tough but, as promised, we revealed the longest functioning product during our anniversary event at IBC2015, moderated by our CEO Serge Van Herck (left photo).

BCEStealing the show with its Modulator NTC/2059 – which has been in use since August 1996 – was Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) part of the RTL Group in Luxembourg. In the photo on the left side, you'll see an happy BCE colleague after the annoucement.

BCE's Story behind this picture

In 1996 this modulator, coupled with a Tiernan TE3 encoder, started my uplink area and switchover from ETSI to MPEG,” said Serge Krbec, Engineer at BCE (left picture). “A lot of events have been covered with this combination and in 2001 it was part of my personal satellite news gathering live shots record of 1998 in one day. After 20 years this combination is still functional and used as uplink backup and for HPA tests.

To read more about "The Story Behind" BCE's winning Newtec equipment, continue reading here. In the following only two pictures for now:

BCE with oldest Newtec working equipment  New and old generation of Newtec equipment
Left photo: Proud winner Serge Krbec, Engineer at BCE (left) and Kerstin Roost, Public Relations Director at Newtec; inside of BCE's teleport in Junglinster, Luxembourg. Left photo, zoom-in, Modulator 2: our almost 20 years old winner, the NTC modulator still in operation and above the new generation modulator: a Newtec M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator.

How Much Chocolate?!

As for the prize, as a Belgium-based company there was only one way which we could reward BCE for this win – with the weight of its Newtec equipment in Belgian chocolate! The modulator came in at 10 kilos so we are sure this was still reaching the BCE HQ and enjoyed by more colleagues.

MedialaanWe were also pleased to award those in second and third place with their own chocolate. Medialaan (formerly VTM) in second place operating an L-Band Demodulator NTC/2060 from December 1996 received five kilos worth of treats (½ of the equipment weight).

This demodulator unit has been invaluable for Medialaan’s operations since 1996,” said Walter Crauwels, Engineer at Medialaan. “It provides great benefits which we hope will last for many more years to come taking into account, that there are of course newer versions available, but it is still fully working doing its job for almost 20 year.

Finally, taking third place and three kilos of chocolate, was Telekom Austria Group, which has been using its Newtec Converter NTC/2042 unit since December 1997.

We have been using this converter unit from Newtec for almost twenty years and have always been impressed,” said Josef Windisch, Wholesale Satellite Solutions, Technical Presales Project and Sales Management, at Telekom Austria Group. “It is vital to our operations, allowing us to offer the highest degree of reliability and performance to our users.

Sweet Success All Round

With the longevity and reliability our Newtec products are proven to provide, we are sure all our customers consider themselves to be winners.

If you think you have a piece of Newtec equipment still working which is even older than BCE’s we’d love to hear about it, how it has helped your business succeed and welcome you to post your story in the Newtec blog soon.

And in case of new projects, there is a bigger portfolio of new products available for you and our dedicated, worldwide colleagues and partners are happy to support you.

Best regards,


Kerstin Roost
Kerstin Roost
Public Relations Director at Newtec