The Story Behind

Sunday 4 October 2015
The Story Behind
Serge Krbec, Engineer at BCE explaining BCE's services based on Newtec's equipment


Following our #AliveSince85 campaign to find the oldest piece of still-working Newtec equipment, we visited the Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE), part of the RTL Group, at its teleport in Junglinster, Luxembourg, to see its Modulator NTC/2059 in action.

While there, Kerstin Roost , Public Relations Director at Newtec (KR), spoke to BCE engineer Serge Krbec (SK; see photo below) to find out more about the modulator and its place in BCE’s history and success (BCE’s reference cloud on their website).

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BCEKR: Serge, thank you for showing us around your teleport and the equipment. Can you tell us more about the Modulator NTC/2059 which won you its weight in Belgian chocolate? (more about the chocolate in this article)

SK: This equipment was installed in 1996. It was part of the first equipment we used after switching from MPEG-1 and the ETSI standard to the new standard MPEG-2 .The modulator was used in combination with the TE3 encoder to do our first MPEG-2  DVB-S uplinks.

This is also the first DVB-S modulator we used for the European News Exchange (ENEX). Although it is so old, I still remember it after all these years.

Newtec equipment at BCEKR: Why is this equipment particularly memorable?

SK: For me, it is special for two reasons. Firstly, this is how my career in satellite transmission began. Although I’d been working for some time already, in 1996 I switched to the SNG / Microwave department and that’s how I discovered satellite and uplinking. The NTC/2059 Modulator was one of the first DVB-S devices I ever used.

Secondly, I used the same equipment in my SNG truck. I did SNG uplinking for almost seven years, and this modulator was part of my personal transmission record. Along with a friend and client from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), we achieved almost 100 live transmissions in one day in a two path SNG truck at the NATO Summit.

KR: Congratulations on the record! What is the equipment being used for today?

SK: Today, BCE is still providing technical services for ENEX. We have three different uplinks for ENEX. Although we now use newer Newtec modulators, the NTC/2059 is still used as back up. If the main Newtec modulator breaks down, which I doubt it will, we can still switch onto the old modulator. This would mean we would only transmit a DVB-S carrier instead of a DVB-S2 but better this than no transmission.

KR: Of course – Serge, thank you very much for your time and we hope your other Newtec equipment serves you as well as the Modulator NTC/2059 has.

SK: Thank you Kerstin, it was a pleasure to join your campaign and we are looking forward to create more stories around your satcom solutions. ;-) 

More pictures from BCE's teleport

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